Many people share the notion that Pit Bulls are aggressive, I’d argue that many are actually compassionate, especially with their owners. They are, however, defensive of the things they love which provides society with the idea they are aggressive, and yes they can be if needed. Dog Toys for Pit BullsWith their toys on the other hand, it’s hard to get one that’ll last more than a few play sessions is what I should say (same thing can be said about beds). They are considered chewers in most cases (similar toys for Pit Bulls will be found in the toys for chewers article). 

There are a few different types of toys you may want to get for Pit Bull. These different toys are meant to serve for different purposes, in some cases multiple purposes at once. These purposes include, but aren’t limited to: to keep your pet busy, distracted, entertained, or comforted. As you look at the list of dog toys for pit bulls, keep in mind why you’re getting them the toy to help narrow down your options.

Top 7 Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

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For Kong products, most are meant to be inserted with their treats to give that extra thrill for your dog.

Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy – Remember that baton you see police officers use in tv shows, movies, or even in real life? This is it. It’s insanely durable and is a great chew toy. Could be bought as either a ring or stick and is very light at around 1 and a half pounds. If your dog chews to the inner layers, GoughNuts will provide you with a new toy.

West Paw Tux – This tough, treat-dispensing toy is a load of fun for your dog. It’s compliant with the FDA and toxic free (which is good considering it’ll be chewed a lot). Keeping a treat in the West Paw will help stimulate more enthusiasm to play with it. It’s dishwasher safe and very cost-effective.

KONG Rubber Ball – If you’ve read other articles on “the best dog toys” either from Alicia’s Online or another source, you will realize that KONG’s playthings for canines are everywhere. They are very effective in being durable, inexpensive, and a favorite for dogs. This rubber ball comes in 1 of 3 sizes: small, medium, or large. It’s best to pick the size best in comparison to how big your dog is. A medium/large sized ball, in most cases, will be suitable for the average Pit Bull. The extreme bounce this ball has will keep your pet entertained.

KONG Extreme Dog Toy – KONG’s back at it again with another one of their products in a list of top dog toys. If your pit bull is a chewer,this is one of the best products if you’re looking for something not flavored and reputable. In accordance to the size of your pit bull, you should choose either the small, medium, or large size. It also has great bounce and a unique design to it’s appearance.

Nylabone Dura Chew – Similar to the wishbone above, you can choose for up to 6 different flavors or just keep it plain. Meant for medium or large dogs, this is a very inexpensive option that will provide your dog with something to keep them busy and engage their taste buds.

Benebone Wishbone – Want to give your dog a treat? This is it! The Benebone is bacon flavored and many, many dogs would love to chew on a bacon-flavored bone. A wishbone with an ergonomic design to give your dog the most comfortable and tasty bite. Nylon and bacon are the ingredients for this bone. Do keep in mind, these aren’t meant to actually be eaten by your dog.

Unbreakoball – This orange “unbreakoball” is sized at 6 inches. Great for fetch if you want to stray away from using a frisbee. It’s fairly light and made with plastic. Don’t expect this to get run over by a truck and remain in perfect condition however, it is very durable and should last for a very long time.