You may have found most toys, or beds, you’ve bought for your dog to get insanely damaged within the first week or month. After that you resort to buying another toy, either similar or out of the ordinary, yet the same issue persist. This most likely happens (unless you’ve gotten the right toy by luck), because the play-things you’re buying aren’t meant for aggressive chewers.Best Dog Toys for Chewers

So, to solve the issue, what are the best dog toys for chewers and why are they “indestructible” as some state they are?

Now, do keep in mind none of the toys that will be mentioned below truly are indestructible. If your dog is determined to rip up his next time then after their consistent effort to do so, it probably will happen. However, most of the toys are flexible, durable, and meant to withstand a certain amount of aggressiveness.

If you’re not too concerned for how these toys were built to be the way they are, do scroll down to the list to get straight to the list of toys for chewers.

You will find that many of these toys are made of rubber. Rubber is very elastic and durable. We even make tires out of rubber; if tires can go 65 miles per hour for a long time, it can also, in most cases, handle a dog’s teeth and aggressiveness (yes the quality of rubber is different but the potential is there). You will find that one of the following toys are actually made out of real tire rubber!

Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

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For Kong products, most are meant to be inserted with their treats to give that extra thrill for your dog.

KONG Extreme Rubber Ball – KONG is known for their highly resistant dog products. This particular rubber ball, which is also puncture resistant, is ideal for small, medium, and large breeds (depends on the size you purchase). It measures about 3 inches and comes in either a small, medium, or large size. Good for outdoor activities/use, it’s very bouncy which will add a great deal of fun for your dog.

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Ball – Jolly Pets ball comes in three different colors, and three different sizes. 4 and a half, 6, and 8 inches are the sizes available; red, blue, and purple are the colors you get to choose from. Designed for dogs from 0 to 60+ pounds (depending on the size you get), it most likely also won’t deflate if punctured. This ball is built and meant for aggressive owners, such as a dog with a chewing habit. This ball is designed with both a ball and a rope to mix the two most commonly favored dog toys in one!

Kong Extreme Dog Toy – A treat dispensary and toy meant for chewers in one. Another great product made by KONG meant for police and drug dogs, K9 enforcement, etc. worldwide! That’s how you know this is durable and tough! This comes in 5 different sizes from small to XX-Large, has amazing bounce, and is very inexpensive!

Mammoth TireBiter Mini Chew Toy – Remember that toy made from real tire rubber? Well here it is. Specifically made from this material for those really pugnacious chewers. The color is strictly black, and is not only compatible, but meant for, interactive playing. No, this can’t be used as a replacement tire (though imaging how cost-effective that’d be)!

Goughnuts Dog Chew Ring – Last but not least, the doughnut. To us, what is an amazing, delicious dessert is imitated to a rubber chew-thing for dogs. Coming in 4 different colors (and a second variation of black). Goughnuts promises to replace this chew ring if your dog is able to chew to the inner red layer, are you up to the challenge?