Yorkshire Terrier’s are finical when it comes to their food. They’re not picky about the nutrients they get as they’re not quite aware of their Best Dog Food for Yorkiesown dietary needs but that’s where you, and I, come in. Yorkies have specific nutritional requirements that must be met so they may live a long healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, to find the best dog food for yorkies will require looking into any particular deficiencies in your yorkies body, picking one of the top 5 foods which will be listed below based off of customer reviews, and giving your dog appropriate portion sizes.

Top 5 Considerable Food Choices for Yorkshire Terrier’s

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection – As you go about picking your flavor of Blue Buffalo dog food, make sure to pick the small breed options. Blue Buffalo is known for their Life Protection Formula which is meant to meet the higher energy needs for smaller breed dogs. As it’s rich in antioxidants, nutrients, fruits, and vegetables you’ll certainly see improvement in your canine’s mood and health.

Purina Pro Plan Focus – Formulated specifically for small breeds with bite sized kibble to help digestion and be gentle on your dog’s teeth. Strong teeth and bones are either promoted or maintained with their Pro Plan formula. Digestive health and activity levels are some of the other things also promoted by this. A lot of protein will be included in your dog’s diet by feeding them Purina Focus with chicken as their first ingredient.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food  – Smoked salmon induced flavoring gives your dog the ultimate taste of the wild. With different bag sizes and flavors you can surely sample a few flavors out to see which one your dog prefers best. Many consumers have found Taste of the Wild to be a great option for their dogs and it may be for yours as well.

Natural Balance L.I.D. – Sweet Potato and Chicken! A great flavor most dogs enjoy as you may see from the customer reviews. Grain-free small kibble size dog food with no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavoring made particularly for your small breed yorkie! A small number of ingredients are specifically picked to minimize the exposure of unnecessary components to your dog.

Wellness Complete Health – Living up to the name of  “Complete Health” a complete and balance of nutrients, minerals, and proteins are found in this dry dog-food. This is completely natural including no wheat, corn, or anything artificial. Wellness is well known for their premium ingredients and the improvements shown in a dog’s nutrition, behavior, and attitude after accustoming to their dog food.