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Pet Friendly Flooring

Why is Pet Friendly Flooring Important? With a pet in the household your flooring may become an issue. You’ll begin to see rips or stains, spills, and issues you can’t begin to imagine. When redoing your flooring, it’s important to… Continue Reading →

Dog Sleeping Bag

Why Would you Need a Dog Sleeping Bag? If you like to go backpacking or hiking but have a pet then you may find yourself being tied down. There will be a few dog breeds that don’t require a dog… Continue Reading →

Pet Friendly Ant Killer

Why Would you Need a Pet Friendly Ant Killer Whether you own a dog, a cat, a bird, or any other pet, if you have ants to get rid of they need to be gone. Yes you can go and… Continue Reading →

What Do Lizards Eat

What do Lizards Eat as Pets Before owning a lizard as a pet it’s good to ask yourself “what do lizards eat” and understand where they stand in the food-web (to keep them away from harm). What a pet lizard… Continue Reading →

Dog Swimming Pool

Why Should you Get a Dog Swimming Pool? A dog swimming pool can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is that it gives your dog an extra opportunity to be active. It also allows them… Continue Reading →

Pet Friendly Cabins in TN

Pets can interfere with your daily life and your travels. Making sure everything in your home is pet-friendly can be hard enough, now if travelling to a cabin in Tennessee (whether Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge) you may need to make sure it accepts… Continue Reading →

Dog Bowls

Personalized Dog Bowls or Stainless Steel Dog Bowls If you’re stuck on both ends of the situation then don’t stress it. You’re always able to get both a stainless steel dog bowl and a personalized dog bowl – there is… Continue Reading →

How to Get Rid of Pokemon in Pokemon-Go

Pokemon Go has become the topic of the month; from love stories to people quitting their jobs. When Pokemon Go was released, many people reacted in many different ways (both good and bad). To catch them all is everyone’s new… Continue Reading →

How to Trap a Raccoon

How to Trap a Raccoon – Quick and Easy If you recently found yourself searching ‘how to trap a raccoon’ you may be surprised it’s not that tough. Just like trapping any other animal or critter, it all comes down… Continue Reading →

Dog Proof Litter Box

What is the Best Dog Proof Litter Box for your Cat The best dog proof litter box will vary upon your specific requirements, budget, and preference. The top five dog proof cat litter boxes are: Designer Catbox Litter box Enclosure… Continue Reading →

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