If your pet canine is a chewer (check out good toys for them) you probably don’t want to go through a dog bed a month, I personally wouldn’t. The bestBest Dog Beds for Chewers solution to such an issue would be a chew proof dog bed. Many dog-owners encountered these problems which led to the invention of the chew resistant dog bed. Now, let’s look at the top 5 dog beds for chewers.

Top Selling Chew Resistant Dog Beds  

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Original K9 TUFF Bed – In 5 different sizes, more than 6 different colors, and their guarantee of it being 90 day chew proof you can feel safe considering this bed. The mattress is odor, moisture, and clumping resistant with the pro’s of it being polyester based, fluffy, and comfortable. Keep your dog’s size and weight in mind when looking over the sizes offered.

Kuranda Lrg Dog Bed – Coming in about 5 different sizes this is quite the cost-effective option. Also available in 4 different colors with an orthopedic design; many benefits come with this bed. One of these benefits also include the fact that it’s easy to clean and includes 1 year warranty. A warning however – it holds up to 125 pounds so be cautious of your canine’s weight and look at the alternatives if your dog is too heavy for this option.

Orvis Dog Bed – This first Orvis product is meant for large dogs holding up to 60-120 pounds. Made with a quilted sleep surface it has a higher potential than other beds to be chew-proof. You can rely on this to not deteriorate over time.

Orvis ToughChew Bed – Opposed to the first Orvis bed this is meant for medium sized dogs. Aside from the size difference the benefits stay the same, you will also find this to be the more inexpensive option of the two.  

K9 Orthopedic Bed – Finally there’s another type of bed made by “K9”. This  5 inch orthopedic mattress meets in the middle for cost and durability, chew-resistant, and quality. Also coming in five different sizes and more than 6 different colors, it too has the same 1 year warranty offered. Keep in mind it’s not completely chew resistant but does have some defense against it!