What You Need to Know about Cats and KittensSmall Kitten

Throughout time you may have gotten a cat or at the least you plan on getting one. If you already have a cat/kitten you must’ve came to the realization that it’s a lot more responsibility than expected. Alicia-Online is here to help with that. Here you will read everything you need to know about cats and kittens (aside from the articles we have posted). First, we will get into the different breeds of cats, then, go over a cats mentality and needs as well as their diet – what they can, and can’t, eat.

Different Types of Cat Breeds – Large, Small, and Other Features

Why a Cat Licks YouUnderstanding Cat’s Needs and Mentality

Understand a Cat’s Activities

A Cat’s SystemWhy Cats Sleep A Lot

A Cat’s Diet – Food and Drinks!

To sum it up, a cat or kitten is a bigger responsibility than expected as are other pets. A certain change in their diet may give them diarrhea (look into dog-proof litter boxes if you have a dog and a cat in the same household), a small tweak in their sleeping schedule can make them sleep-deprived. A misinterpretation of body-language will get you bitten! If you get a cat, or have one, don’t forget that all the rewards you reap from having one outweighs any negatives!