The food-web is a complex system going back and forth between different animals, breeds, species, etc. With all sorts of predators and prey from marine-life to What Eats Grasshoppersanimals that fly and some that prefer to stay on-land, it gets complicated; so what eats grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers live in areas such as a jungle or forest, places with trees and grass, etc. They’re spread out globally (with a few exceptions). Varying on the location the grasshopper is located, their predators will change as well.

So, What Eats Grasshoppers?

Birds. Birds alone consume many many grasshoppers even when they’re hiding. Crested flycatchers will eat grasshoppers that hide within tall grass. Grasshoppers also need to watch out for chickens and any chicken(s) walking through tall-grass (chickens are known to peck on grasshoppers). Other birds that devour grasshoppers are: blackbirds, blue jays, hawks, and even bluebirds.

Other than birds, other insects and mammals also consume grasshoppers. Raccoons and rodents are the mammals that prey on grasshoppers through their strolls. Dragonflies, the Chinese Mantis, centipedes, a few species of bees, and many other insects all enjoy snacking on grasshoppers when granted the opportunity.

Do Grasshoppers Fall as Prey to Anything Else?

As a matter of fact, yes.  Humans seem to play a very big role in the food web as one of the top predators. Humans are known to eat grasshoppers for the high amount of protein that can be found in them. You can find these grasshoppers prepared and seasoned in a various amount of ways for them to be consumed by humans. They may be skewered, fried, boiled, and even dried. Though it’s not something I plan on trying out it may be of interest to you. You can always plan a trip to a destination that serves grasshoppers (such as Thailand and other places).

What Does a Grasshopper Eat?

What a grasshopper eats depends on it’s stage in life. If it has just been born then it will lightly eat grass because grass is light on their system and provides what they need at first. As a grasshopper grows older they’ll begin to widen their choices. For the most part they’re herbivores and will only lightly eat the remains of dead animal/insect matter for that boost of protein. Nonetheless, they primarily will eat plants/things that fit a herbivores diet.

This has been problematic for crop growers considering the fact that a small grasshopper can ruin their work. Nonetheless, grasshoppers will eat cotton, barley, wheat, corn, clover, oats, and more. They’ll even indulge with some grass, flowers, seeds, leaves, bark, and basically just the natural things that grow or fall on parks and what not. Their diet is all natural, and they really enjoy having a buffet to choose from!