The Best Dog Proof Litter Box for your Cat

The best dog proof litter boxes will vary upon your specific requirements, budget, and preference. It’d be nearly impossible for me to tailor this post based on everybody’s individual requirements. Therefore, we’ve went through the averages, most favored, and so on to meet the needs of most cat-owners. Our list of Dog Proof Litter Boxthe top five dog proof cat litter boxes will be first introduced with a comparison table to simplify your research. More in-depth detail (if needed) will be provided for each litter box below the table and on the product page itself. 

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  1. Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan – For a larger cat breed this may your best option. It has a wide opening on the top for a cat of any size to enter (makes this litter box less dog proof though). This cat litter box is also very affordable for most people!
  2. Designer Catbox Litter box Enclosure – With a higher budget you may want to consider this cat litter box.  This dog proof “sand box” (so to speak) is easy to clean and is children-proof as well! With this, your cat won’t have litter kicked on the floor. And, ultimately, you’d have less to clean. 
  3. Favorite Cat Litter Box – This enclosed dog proof cat litter box will give your kitten (or cat) some privacy as it does its business. You’ll experience a reduce in most of the litter odor and is recommended for cats of most ages. One thing to keep in mind before purchasing the Favorite Cat Litter Box is the size of your cat and if it would be able to fit into the entry (dimensions are 9” in diameter).
  4. Marchioro Freecat Maxi Covered Cat Litter Pan – Features an easily removable lid which makes it a easier litter box to clean. This absorbs odor better than all the others that were listed. It’s tall on the sides keeping other pets and animals way.
  5. Clevercat Top Entry Litter box – With any top entry litter box your mind will be at ease knowing it’ll keep dogs away. Priced around $44, this may be more in budget for most. The Clevercat also helps reduce litter odor!

Factors to Consider when Purchasing your Cats Litter Box

Just to briefly touch base on this I believe it’s important to know what you’re getting into before diving in. Specifically speaking, litter boxes. Just how there are certain things to consider when buying just about anything (such as: price, longevity, authenticity, and more), there also some aspects you may want a litter box to share. When picking out a litter box I can only suggest to keep your pet in mind. It may sound silly now but as you go through all the litter boxes and get overwhelmed by the decor, features, and so on, you can lose touch on the real purpose you’re getting this. So, the most important advice I can give aside from actual product suggestions, is to keep your cat in mind.

A few other minor things I can say all tie down to what I mentioned above. As you keep your cat in mind consider their size, how high they can jump (continue reading to see why), and how the litter box will function with your cats needs. After all these common concerns are settled, I would then recommend looking into the decor of the box and how it can really look stylish with it’s environment.

How to Dog Proof a Litter Box

A litter box that is dog proof will help eliminate a potential mess that can be a hassle to clean. You may not want to go and purchase a new litter box if you already have one so it’d be good to dog-proof the one you already have.

The easiest solution would be to place the litter box somewhere your dog can’t reach. Similar to how we referred to elevating a cat feeder (here), you’d do the same with your cat(s) litter box. Now, it won’t be ideal for me to have to go up 3 flights of stairs to use the restroom so don’t make the effort to daring for your cat either. Somewhere your dog can’t reach with a normal amount of effort will do. Your cat can jump higher than a dog so they still have the upper hand. 

Another solution is to get creative! Customize your cat’s litter box in a way to where it’s only accessible to your cat and yourself for when it needs cleaning. It may not be the simplest way to do so but it’s budget-friendly, fun, and a skill good to know! Some examples may be to tighten the entrance, make it less appealing to your dog, or design it as something to trick any canine! 

Where to Place your Cat’s Litter Box

I figured it may be good to get into a bit of details in regards to where you should place a litter box. Normally you can place the litter box anywhere however, as the purpose of this page suggests, a dog or other animal may complicate things. So there will be two things to consider: should the litter box stay indoors or outdoors? If your dog is almost always outdoors then by moving your cat’s own personal toilet inside helps lessen the extent of this problem. And vice versa.

If the litter box must be placed outdoors then you may have some unwelcome guest paying it a visit as well. At this point you may not only have your canine as a problem. The first step to solve this is to identify what’s paying the visit. If it’s a raccoon you can trap it (which we cover here). If it’s an animal that you can’t identify then calling your local animal service may be in your best interest. They may even source out additional issues which led to the continuous visits.

Regardless of where you decide the destination is, there is one more alternative to consider and attempt. Aside from raising it, restricting access, and masking it, you can entirely get rid of any reason another animal aside from your feline may want to visit it. This is just what we meant when referring to the local animal services around you. Instead you can apply the same principle to dogs as well. By getting your dog a toy or distracting them with some other means, they may lose interest in litter boxes all together! That solution alone will benefit you, your cat, and your dog! Talk about a win-win-win.