How to trap a raccoon

If you recently found yourself searching ‘how to trap a raccoon’ you may be surprised. It’s not that tough. Just like trapping any other animal or critter, it all comes down to the same thing. In a very simple way how you trap a raccoon is to lure the raccoon then capture it (or let the nature of the food-web take its course). Though there’s more to it than that; there are tools you can use, types of bait that’s recommended, when to do so, and how to set up the trap.

Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons

Before trapping a raccoon, it’d be a lot easier to just not give it a reason to visit. What’s meant by this is to remove any attractions to the raccoon. Raccoons are probably pestering you due to their hunger, they’re looking for food and must’ve found it if they make recurring visits.

There are many ways to rid of the food attracting the raccoon(s). One possible way is to get rid of any trash cans/garbage. Any left overs or rotten food thrown out is a probable issue as why you have uninvited guest. After doing so, if the issue still prevails then it’s time to trap or repel the raccoon.

What will Help and Work

Learning how to trap a raccoon is easy once you’ve gathered the needed and recommended tools. Whether you’d like to hand make the trap or buy it is up to you but a trap is needed. A simple trap is just a cage, nothing too fancy. Once done, you will need to get the bait. The best type of bait to lure in raccoons is sweet/sugary food.  Bait them into the cage/trap and the deed is done.

One highly recommended tip is to place the trap intelligently. When trapping a raccoon you’d want the trap to be placed where the raccoon visits. Place the trap near trash cans, the most visited place (by the raccoon), near your pet’s food, and so on. Doing so will highly increase your chances of catching the raccoon.