A canine‘s nails can grow pretty long and sharp if not properly taken care of. When a dog has long nails, which they develop after time, you
may begin to get scratched as you play with them (usually not their intentions), they may ruin their dog toys (even those that are chew-proof), and you may also begin to notice your home decor getting scratched. None of which is good. It’d be quite cost-effective if we can clip their nails with the nail clippers we use on ourselves but, unfortunately, that’s not the best option.

As you look into some of the best dog nail clippers you can be rest assured the list has been gathered from deep research. We’ve taken theBest Dog Nail Clippers cost, customer reviews, popularity, and even recommendations from specialist into consideration to get you the list of only the best nail clippers for your dog(s). Now, there are three different varieties of nail clippers you should know of as you buy one for your dog. Guillotine, Miller’s Forge, and large dog trimmers. The first, Guillotine, is the most popular and is used for smaller breed dogs. The second. Miller’s Forge, is meant for small and medium sized breeds; and finally, the large dog trimmers are simply meant for larger dogs.

The list that will follow below this paragraph can also be considered “professional dog clippers”. If you currently, or intend to, run a dog care service of some sort these will all be applicable for such usage.

Best Dog Nail Clippers – Top 5

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Miller’s Forge Trimmers – A durable, plier style dog nail clipper that’s able to be used on small and medium sized dogs. Comes with a built-in comfortable grip and is made with stainless steel so it’s meant to last you years. This also contains a setting to prevent over cutting the nail. Priced under $10 this is a very inexpensive option to consider.

Resco Original Dog Clippers – Recommended by most vets and groomers world-wide. Resco (the brand of these clippers) invented the guillotine style in 1937 and have stuck with it since. Comes with lifetime warranty and is cost considerate; you are able to switch the blade at just a small fraction of the cost to renew the trimmer.

Simply Pets Professional Clippers – These professional quality clippers are ergonomically designed for your comfort. Has been put to use for over 30 years by vets and is medium for all medium or large size breeds. It also contains a safety guard/lock which prevents any injury to your dog’s nails. These stainless steel clippers will last you quite some time.

Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Tool – Now here’s the all time best-seller on Amazon. Instead of the average clipper it has a rotary tool to safely, and effectively, trim your dog’s nails (which has 2 rotation speeds to choose from). Can be cordless, if you wish, to provide you with more flexibility to control it best. Includes 1 year warranty, comes with batteries, and is electrically charged. Quite an advanced, and professional, dog nail clipper if you ask me.   

Andis Nail Clipper – Compatible with all breeds and dog sizes, has a comfortable, ergonomic, grip, built in stainless steel blades, and safe enough to not over-cut your canine’s nails. What a clipper. It’s a great option for just the basic nail cutter you may have been looking for.