You may have found yourself searching for “Gas Powered Go Karts for Sale Cheap” or “off road go karts for sale” and couldn’t find much. Cheap Go Karts for SaleLuckily coming across here I can introduce you to a variety of cheap gas powered go karts (off road go karts will be placed below them). A lot of people have different ideas on what an inexpensive go kart may be. For some it’s $100-300, and for others it’s $301-500 and others even more. Below you’ll see such go-karts in the different ranges (you can also build your own if you’re up to it)! 

Gas Powered Go Kart for Sale Cheap ($100-300 range)

58496 1/10 Fast Attack Vehicle TAMC8496 TAMIYA – One of the most inexpensive gas powered go karts for sale. It has been tested to ensure durability and safety and made with top-quality materials. It’s lightweight and requires assembly providing a good parent-child bonding opportunity. It’s not necessarily meant for racing but more for a young one to enjoy the “thrill” of driving a go-kart. As long as your child is over 4 years old they meet the recommended age requirement. 

Gas Powered Go Karts for Sale Cheap ($301-600 range)

Go-Bowen – the 350 w brush motor that is integrated into the Go-Bowen is phenomenal. With working front lights you can have better vision as you speed around 5-10mph!  It runs for up to 2 hours when full and holds up to 165 pounds (though only a small child would be able to fit). It’s a great option for kids and is easy to operate which should be a plus!

MotoTec MT-GK-10 – Considering how recently the ranges were low, I must admit, the 2 above are not gas-powered. However, this one is. An EPA approved, finger throttle, 49cc engine go-kart. Enjoy going up to 30 mph as you pull to start. As long as you, or who may receive this gift, is under 200 pounds there should be no issue. The tank holds up to 1 liter – which is around 20 miles per tank. 

An Exceptional Gas-Powered Go Kart that’s for Sale 

Ar Dongfang 125cc Go Kart Matte 125GKA – A “beast” in regards to go karts that run on gas. Priced around $1450 it has a air cooled, single cylinder four stroke engine, an automatic transmission with reverse, a 124cc displacement, and, finally, 8.3N horsepower. One of the heaviest go-karts mentioned in this article it weighs at 300 pounds! Amazon offers free shipping and no interest if paid off within 12 months!

To come to the conclusion about which gas powered go kart is best for you, it’ll narrow down to what you find most affordable and what fits your specific requirements. There are obviously more Go-Karts than what I’ve mentioned but if we narrow it down to the range we’re looking at and then the go-karts mentioned in the range here’s my conclusion. For the $100-300 range I recommend the John Deere Gator RSX 2” Lift Go karts Meant for Off RoadingKit. For the $301-600 range I recommend the MotoTec. And do keep in mind just by lightly navigating to the related products you may find one most suitable for your needs. Now, below, lets get into off-road go-karts shall we?

Off Road Go Karts for Sale

Contrary to the above, these off road go karts for sale will not be as cheap (though you may find some cheap ones locally or on the related products aisle). I will get into the top three off-road go karts that have been known for the experience they provide with all other factors in consideration.

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MT-GK-01 – Going from least to highest price this is almost always less than $1000 and comes with free shipping. You can go from 10 to 20 mph, can reverse, has safety features – which is great considering it’s meant for anyone 13 or older -, and has a chain drive transmission. A lot of features for this low-priced product. Enjoy the power of it’s 48 volt 1000 watt motor.

Scooterx – Still under the $1000 range it has many, many features. With the possibility to go up to 45 mph you can enjoy the ride if you weigh under 250 pounds. Meant for anyone over 12 (if you don’t have a license don’t drive it in the streets) it has a 196cc 6.5 horsepower motor. The centrifugal clutch works with the butterfly steering wheel, brake, and throttle to provide maximum efficiency. With 13″ off-road tires and rear coil over suspension, off-roading has never been as easy nor as fun.

Kandi KD-150GKA-2 – This is the most expensive go-kart on the list (and in this post), priced above $1000 excluding shipping.  This is a 2-seat, 150cc vehicle with 10.5 horsepower and can go up to 36mph. As you pay for such a high priced vehicle, you get high quality specs and an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the automatic, with reverse, transmission and torque that comes along with it.

Regardless of the go-kart you decided to purchase, ride safely and have fun Go-Karting!