These little energetic, cute dogs are just amazing (for most people). Their energy makes them greatBest Dog Food for Chihuahuas pets and can be loads of fun for kids as well. Though not as small as a teacup maltese puppy, they’re one of the smallest dog breeds. The energy a Chihuahua has comes at a cost, a cost of specific dietary and nutritional needs to not only fill their stomachs up but to keep them energetic and healthy. So, what’s the best dog food food for chihuahua? Read more about it below.

Chihuahua’s do differ from other breeds in more ways than one. Their coat is either smooth or long, they’re higher at risk for particular cardiac problems, and they’re picky about their food choice. That’s just the average differences they have from other breeds, yours may have more or less.

As you look into the different options of dog food for chihuahuas, keep in mind your particular dog may have specific needs due to medical issues (if any). Your pet’s weight may also play a role considering their daily caloric needs (on average a 5 pound chihuahua needs 170-360 calories a day – age, activity levels, and medical issues all play a role).

Top 5 Dog Food for Chihuahuas

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Orijen Dry Dog Food – With limited ingredients and one single source of protein, it’s uncommon to not know what your dog is eating. Being grain-free that play a positive effect on you chihuahua’s lifestyle (or it may simply not have an effect). Having a ratio of 85% protein/meats and 15% fruits and vegetables you’re giving your chihuahua the diet they’re intended.

Fromm Gold Small Breed – As opposed to the Large Breed Fromm dog bag (which can be found here), the kibble bites in their small breed package is smaller. Eggs, cheese, duck, and chicken is just a number of the natural, high-quality ingredients included in the contents. Their dog food for smaller breeds has been specifically engineered to cooperate with the metabolism found in miniature dogs.

Taste of the Wild – Containing probiotics, Taste of the Wild is highly digestible, has venison and garbanzo beans, and is specifically meant for smaller dogs. Healthy digestion is supported with the small kibble size and fiber. Good pricing for good dog food.

Royal Canin – Omega 3 and 6 enriched, the nutrients, fatty acids, and biotin helps promote a healthy coat. Good digestion is also enhanced because of the carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber. However, fecal smell is also reduced in accordance to the promoted good digestion (so don’t worry about too many unwanted scents).

Eukanuba – Meant for dogs over the age of 1, it also promotes a healthy digestive system. Eukanuba is “dedicated to healthier long lives” and many of their customers believe they truly are. Your pet chihuahua’s immune system is also going to be improved due to their antioxidant rich food. This certainly is the most cost-effective choice which your wallet will thank you for.