Alicia-Online is dedicated to providing valuable information to pet-owners, consumers in the global economy, homeowners, travelers, and more. I understand that life in general can get stressful, over-bearing with cost and expenses, and filled with information not necessarily accurate. My goal is to tackle that.

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I do my best for this website (pages and post) to uphold these three things:

  • To be Unbiased,
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You can find the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in the corresponding pages; similarly to how you may Contact Us. Simplicity was always favored by me when it came to websites so Alicia-Online has been designed to remain simple as well. I can only hope that you’ve been able to easily navigate through this website and find all the information you desire. If, on the off chance, that wasn’t possible, you may always use the ‘search’ option featured.

I hope that the architecture of my website was self-explanatory: the categories below, pages in the main bar (on top), and relatable post, or topics, linked within each other.

Throughout time you may notice that the post will vary in topics/categories. Is it because I’ve changed the fundamentals in which this site was based off of? No, not at all. Instead, the expansion is meant to show my ambitions and the need I feel to deliver to, and help, a larger audience. To keep this simple, I’ll let you do the exploring and learn more about this site on your own. I promise it’ll be worth your while!