If you’ve read about what lizards eat you may have gotten a glimpse on what iguanas eat. As it was stated, Iguanas are mainly herbivores. They’d pick greens and vegetation over insects and meat almost any day! What do Iguanas EatYou’ll see iguanas eating whatever they may be eating typically because they’re herbivores (specifically folivores). That being said, Iguanas can eat many leaves, fruits, vegetables, plant matter, etc. Let’s get into the specifics of what iguanas eat below.

What an Iguanas Ideal Diet Should Consist of

Unlike the bearded dragon or salamander, an Iguana’s diet vastly differs. They prey on organisms in the food-web that are very harmless.  Depending on the Iguanas age, how often you should feed an Iguana will vary. The young will need to eat more often than older Iguana’s, usually every day. As they grow older they may go a day without food and eat the next, it all depends on their hunger and how much they eat within a meal.

If it’s dark green and leafy, implement it into your Iguana’s diet (restrictions will apply). Also, be sure to include some fruits into their diet to have them feel as if they’re being served dessert; keep the portions of fruit served low and nowhere near as proportional to how much vegetation they are given. Also, steer away from light-green leafy meals (such as iceberg lettuce), keep their leaves dark-green because those contain the most nutrients your Iguana needs.

More Iguana-Diet Requirements

To keep in touch with the topic of what do iguanas eat, we should all consider what they can drink. Iguanas can grow to be quite big and they do enjoy water so it’s important to know how much water you should provide for your Iguana. A few recommendations are to first, give them a big bowl (so they can comfortably fit and move around in) filled with clean water. They will be able to bathe and drink from this water – be sure to keep it clean by changing the water and cleaning the bowl. Second, be sure that the water your Iguana comes in contact with is always fresh and clean, you don’t want to get them sick. Finally, give them a spritz every now and then with clean water. Shower them with clean water mist and they’ll feel as if they’re on vacation!

Anything Else?

Well, yes. Each Iguana will have their own specific preferences and their diets, as well as habits, change depending on their age and adaptations. Though most iguanas are herbivores some may be omnivores and eat live insects. Every now and then it may not be a bad idea to feed your Iguana either: grasshoppers or crickets. Though be sure to keep their live-insect eating to a minimal as it’s not necessary.