Getting a space heater is usually never regretted as it always comes out to use during cold times. With all the latest technology and most energy efficient space heaterinventions coming out it’s hard to figure out what the most efficient space heater is. Aside from all the space warmers that claim to be the “best”, we’ve done a considerable amount of research to gather a list of the top 5 most energy efficient space heaters.

Not only will the following list be of the best heaters in regards to the warmth it may provide (though that will also be a factor), but also the price, style, efficiency, protection, and the settings offered.

Top 5 Efficient Space Heaters

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Dyson AM09 Fan Heater – Not the most inexpensive option but effective indeed. Comes in one out of a variety of 3 different color blends, looks slick, advanced, and is safe. Not only heats up, but also circulates, the surrounding air. It also works as a fan and has a sleep timer for your convenience.

Vornado AVH2 – Has 2 heat settings, 750W or 1500W, and gently circulates warm air throughout the entire room. Advanced enough to maintain a certain temperature, if preferred, has a built-in timer, 2 stage shutoff for safety purposes, and can be used as just a fan. So quiet you won’t even know it’s on, surely a good option for a low price.

Dr Infrared Portable Heater – Has a cool look to it if you ask me. This may be the most energy efficient space heater there is when you turn on the high or low Auto Energy Saving Model. You can also always upgrade this and have it be a humidifier as well if you’d like. With an electric thermostat ranging from 50 to 86 degrees (Fahrenheit) the room it’s set in will get to the desired temperature with very, very little noise from this portable heater.

Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Heater – Dyson is back on the list of the best efficient space heaters with another one of their products! Opposed to the previous one (the AM09), this is both a heater and cooler (still with the fan option as well)! The projection, of both the heating and cooling, can spread across an entire room with ease. Though also a bit more expensive than others, it provides a great variety of options/settings and is safe for any household.

Lasko 6462 – Providing heat all around in a circular motion, this is a great space heater for any large room. If you’d prefer for it to only give out warmth to one, or two areas you can alter the settings so it goes at a 90, or 170 degree angle. It has a digital thermostat to maintain the room to your desired temperature. With 1500 Watts feel free to change it to low, medium, or high thermostat settings.