Whether you’re looking for the ‘best blender for ice’ or the ‘best blender for protein shakes’, your search stops here. Ice complements aBest Blenders for Ice protein shake rather well, and that, following water, may be the best beverage to drink after a run on a treadmill or a lift. Though you want the best that doesn’t mean you have to pay the most. After looking into consumer favorites, putting price into the equation, and researching the average life-span, efficiency, and features I’ve gathered a list of the top 3 blenders for both, ice, and protein shakes (as we do with most appliances).

Best Blenders for Ice – Top 3

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Oster Versa – With a powerful 1400 watt motor, this blender is a menace to ice. It has two stainless steel blades that spin at 250 mph and is BPA free (something all people love to hear). Because it’s capable of containing 64 ounces, don’t feel limited to just ice. The Oster Versa includes 2 color cookbooks so you can blend together recipes and/or smoothies!

Blendtec – Though we’re only trying to look at the best blenders for ice, let’s get into the heavy-duty stuff. This 1,560 watt blender has preprogrammed cycles, a digital touchpad, and 3 horsepower motor. Talk about power. The 2 stainless steel blades spin at 29,000 rpm to guarantee that ice gets crushed.  

Cleanblend – A 3 horsepower, 1800 watt, 64 ounce, BPA free, commercial blender. That’s how you describe this blender in a sentence. The 6 blade, stainless steel system, is configured to help you with the task you set yourself to do. Whether you want to make hummus, blend ice into your smoothie or recipe, or make soup, this is a good ice-crusher for a good price.

Best Blenders for Protein Shakes – Top 3

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Ninja BL660 – It’s protein shake time. The BL660 performs professionally with its 1100 watt power. It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe so you don’t need to worry about the stench of left-over protein! It has an extra large capacity so you can do more than just protein shakes (if you Best Blenders for Protein Shakeswish) and comes with 2 personal cups to-go. That way, you can blend a protein shake just for yourself or 72 ounces worth (fills 9 cups).

Vitamix – We’re getting a bit pricey here, but, we’re also getting professional with this blender. It has 5 pre programmed settings to help you with that protein shake or anything else you may want to blend. Peaking at 2.2 horsepower it still is rather quiet, effective, and takes on any job.

Magic Bullet – Magic bullet went above and beyond with this deal. This 15 piece set includes almost everything you may need in the arts of blending and mixing. As it includes a hardcover recipe book you can become inspired to try out new things. The 900 watt motor is very efficient and quiet. From the sales page the 15 set includes: “1 High-torque Power Base; 2 Extractor Blade; 1 32 OZ Colossal Cup; 2 24 OZ Tall Cup; 1 Short Cup 1 Handled Lip Ring; 1 Regular Lip Ring; 1 Flip-Top To-Go Lid; 2 Stay-fresh Resealable Lids; 1 User Manual & Cookbook; 1 Pocket Nutritionist; 1 Bonus Life Changing Recipes Book.”