Teacup Maltese Puppies and Other Miniature BreedsTeacup Maltese Puppies - Miniature Puppy

There are many miniature puppies out there and one of them are the teacup maltese puppies. As a puppy, many already are small however if you’re into miniature dogs then you want them to maintain their small size. The teacup maltese puppy is one of the few small dogs out there, there adult weight is usually almost under 10 pounds. The maltese puppy has very soft hair, it’s very rare for them to shed if ever and are a typically healthy breed.

The teacup maltese pup are affectionate, loving, and don’t need much exercise. They do, however, crave attention but how could it be a hassle giving these cute pups attention! Genuine small maltese puppies are a little pricey, they normally start at around $650 and can get more expensive.

Miniature Puppies for Sale to Look Into

Other than the teacup maltese pup, there are other miniature puppies for sale if you look around. One alternative, other than a chihuahua, is a miniature poodle; they’re quite larger than the teacup and they normally don’t get heavier than 17 pounds. A miniature poodle requires more care than the maltese puppy. It’s recommended to have it groomed by professionals and a benefit to the poodle is that it doesn’t shed! The miniature poodle also requires less exercise than the average sized poodle. They’re also just as intelligent and easy to train!

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies are another alternative if you’re looking for a miniature puppy. Unlike the maltese or poodle breed, these do shed a little. They also normally don’t weigh more than 15 pounds. If you want to play with your miniature schnauzer then you’re in luck because they’re very energetic and fun to play with. When training your miniature Schnauzer puppy you may need to try a little harder than usual, they do have the tendency to be a little stubborn.

Ways to Save When Buying your Miniature Puppy

When shopping for your maltese puppy, miniature poodle, or even your miniature schnauzer you’ll find it capable to be putting a dent in your pocket. Saving money is on many people’s priorities but it can be hard when looking to buy a puppy. Once you own your miniature puppy (as any other pet) your expenses will rise. The cheapest alternative is to adopt the puppy; you can get the $650 or $500 small dog for around $50! Also, by doing so you would’ve saved an unfortunate puppy.

With all this in mind, it’s time to pick which miniature puppy you want and go off to enjoying your savings!