Why is Pet Friendly Flooring Important?Pet Friendly Flooring

With a pet in the household your flooring may become an issue. You’ll begin to see rips or stains, spills, and issues you can’t begin to imagine. When redoing your flooring, it’s important to look at the options you have.

There are many options to your flooring so you keep them pet friendly. Examples are hardwood, pet friendly carpeting, wool carpet tiles, and vinyl tiles. With a hardwood floor it requires some attention as to cleaning. It’s best to mop up the floor when a spill or leak occurs so it won’t leave any stain.

The most popular pet friendly flooring is vinyl flooring. Vinyl can withstand a lot, it’s long-lasting, durable, and cooperates with your pets! They’re also scratch, dent, and moisture proof. Another benefit to Vinyl is it looks very nice and can fit into any household, even a luxurious one. An alternative to that is a pet friendly carpet. There aren’t too many of them but they work well and if you want a carpet, they’re your best bet. Before getting into the carpets below, it’s good to keep in mind that an air purifier, or vacuum, for pet hair is always beneficial. 

For all those Carpet Lovers – Options for a Pet Friendly Carpet

When looking for a pet friendly carpet, be sure to take a few factors into consideration. Some factors may include: what kind of pet you have, their nails, will this carpet rip, is it easy to clean, etc. Be sure the carpet truly is pet friendly. Possible carpet options are patterns, loop, berber, texture, and twisted. These are common pet-friendly carpets that are compatible with almost all vacuums.

They can’t easily be ripped and dirt and any mess can’t get too deep in there. They are quite easy to clean and have many pet-friendly qualities. One issue with a carpet, that doesn’t allow them to be considered as “pet friendly flooring” is they still be stained. No carpet is stain proof (though wouldn’t that be nice).