Air compressor or tire inflator, no difference in the two just one has a fancier “touch” to it and can be used for more than just tires. Best Portable Tire InflatorNonetheless, when you’re on the road you need it to be portable or else what good can it do when it’s sitting at home and your 50 miles away, right? One of the few appliances/tools you need portable no matter what!

Now, though we’re discussing the best portable tire inflator, I must apologize as to pinpoint just one ‘best’ is nearly impossible. Everyone has their own preference, budget, and level of knowledge when it comes to tire inflators. A car mechanic probably can get one of the more advanced portable tire inflators as I would tend to the most simple one there is!  Nonetheless, let’s get to it. The best portable tire inflators’.

The Top 5 Best Portable Air Compressors for a Tire

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Vlair 85P – Powered by the auxiliary power outlet it provides an easy to read tire pressure gauge. This gauge is placed on the compressor and has a 60PSI maximum working pressure. When using this, be sure that the engine is running. As long as your tires are 31 inches or smaller, you can inflate it as it’s plugged into the cigarette lighter port.

Astro 3018 – One of the lightest, and smallest, portable tire inflator on this list! With two levers, you can either inflate or deflate (incase you’ve inserted too much air). There is a very large LCD digital screen to show the PSI. The 3018 is very accurate with a stainless steel hose which means it’s also durable.

Kensun D1001 – Inexpensive and effective. What more could be asked for in a tire inflator? Well, a few others can be asked for but the D1001 provides that as well. A PSI gauge, up to 250, a 3 meter cord for the cigarette input and 2 meter cord for the AC plug, and a 21.7 inch rubber hose that ties the whole air compressor together.

Goodyear i8000 – Able to only infuse a maximum of 150 PSI, which is more than enough for most cars, this 120 volt tire inflator will get the job done quickly. It can inflate 28 PSI in less than 3 minutes! The air-hose cord can reach 24 feet and is plugged into any typical power outlet. A hassle, and stress, free way to inflate your tires.

Master Flow MF-1040 – When purchasing the MF-1040, a storage bag will come with it so you can easily keep this stored. Inflates up to 150 PSI, can be powered by your car’s’ 12V socket, and can be modified for permanent installation. You will not mistakenly over-inflate your tires because of the built-in pressure meter/gauge.