With kids, or without, a car can get messy (pets also add onto this). Sometimes in ways that can’t even be explained, or witnessed. It just appears. That’s happened to Best Handheld Vacuums for Carsme no doubt and it wouldn’t be surprising if I was to find out it happens to countless others as well (which it does). Nonetheless, a mess is a mess, regardless of how it appeared.

Ideally, however, a vacuum for a car should have a few qualities that differentiate them from the norm. The “best handheld vacuums for cars” should be considerate in the cord size. These vacuums should also be easy to maintain, and have a comfortable, ergonomic design. Preferably, an inexpensive one would also be beneficial; with that in mind, the following list will be listed in order from the lowest to highest price.

Best Handheld Vacuums for Cars – Top 5

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ArmorAll AA12V1 – This car vacuum has many built in features for such a low price. Though not a cordless vacuum it has a 12 volt plug that can be plugged into cars. It comes with a reusable filter, the handheld vacuum itself, a storage bag, and a detail brush. A rather simple, but effective, car vacuum for a small price.

Dirt Devil SD2005 – With a 7 amp motor, the dirt devil handheld vacuum can suck up tough messes regardless of where it is. It has a lightweight design and a 16 ft power cord to allow you to easily clean at a distance. Conveniently, a crevice tool also comes into handy so cleaning car seats has just gotten easier.

Black & Decker BDH2000PL – Above I listed a rather powerful vacuum. Powerful for a handheld vacuum at least. However, believe it or not, this vacuum is 20 volts. With convenient pivot action it makes it easy to clean those hard spots you’ll get irritated by in your car. The lithium battery allows for long-lasting usage. A washable filter, crevice tool, charging base, pre-filter, and brush all come with the purchase of this vacuum.

Dirt Devil M0944 – 15.6 volts of power. One of the strongest handheld vacuums you can use in a car that has been mentioned in this list. Comes with a built-in crevice tool and brush strip which makes cleaning your car easier. The M0944 has both a dry, or wet, feature so it can also clean up any sort of liquid spells, or mess.

Black & Decker PAV1200W – Similarly to the ArmorAll handheld vacuum, a 12 volt plugged comes with this Black & Decker which will allow you to easily use in a car. With a one step emptying system it won’t be difficult to filter out the mess sucked up. A hose, crevice tool, storage bag, and brush are the accessories that come with the purchase of the PAV1200W.