Vacuum cleaners have improved a lot since the first one has ever been invented. I believe that may go without saying but what harm has it Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $100 for Carpet, Stairs, Hardwood, Tile, Laminate Floorsdone for me so I don’t reiterate it? Nonetheless, after all the advances, there has been one prolonging problem. The problem of floor types and cost. So many vacuums are restricted from cleaning on thick carpets or tile floors or even hardwood floors. To find a carpet, cooperative with all floor types, unfortunately, is very hard.

With that being said, I broke it down into a variety of categories below. You’ve stumbled upon the ultimate article on the best vacuum cleaners and it’s now my duty – my responsibility – to ensure you’re not disappointed with the results. Do keep in mind that though a vacuum cleaner will work exceptionally well on hardwood floors or carpet, doesn’t mean it’s limited to cleaning just that surface.

An All-Surface, Price-Disregarding Vacuum

Before getting into vacuums meant for one surface rather than another. I’ll briefly go over one vacuum that does it all. Tiles, hardwood floors, carpet, car interiors, tile, stairs, and so on. The master-vacuum if you will.

Dyson DC25 – It’s rare now. To find a vacuum for all surfaces. Some, as you’ll see below, are best for one surface rather than another. The DC25 works for all. It has a HEPA filter, is asthma friendly, contains a hygienic dust bin, and includes on-board tools. The motorized brush bar works well to remove pet hair, comes with a reach wand to clean stairs, ceilings, and walls, and comes with 5 year part-and-labor warranty.

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