Dogs like to mess with the trash. They smell something that appeals to them and ravage through the garbage ( yours’ or someone else’s) to get to it. They do it with many things aside from trash cans and that’s why “dog-proofing” exist. This post, obviously, will narrow down to the topic of dog proof trash cans.Trash cans that are dog proof

There are different brands of dog proof trash cans that are personal favorites for many. However, after we’ve taken into consideration the numerous factors that consumers face when picking just one, we’ve narrowed it down to one brand, A  brand that’s well-known for their popular dog proof trash can is the SimpleHuman. The best Simplehuman dog proof trash cans are:

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SimpleHuman is known for their Lid Shox technology (which allows for the lid to close quietly and slowly) and you can expect to see all of their trash cans contain this feature. Aside from that, they are also all stainless steel, easy to clean, and can hold 10.5 gallons as a minimum. To be exact, the semi-round step holds 13 gallons, butterfly step 11.9 gallons, and the compact option has the capacity to hold 10.5 gallons. The latter two are also both fingerprint proof which is essential when getting something that is stainless steel. All three options are great picks, but it’s up to you to determine which best suits your needs! 

Dog Proof Trash Cans that aren’t Simplehuman

There are a few other trash cans that are dog proof as well – not all dog proof trash cans need to be SimpleHuman (though the first half of this post may bring out that impression). A few other brands are Rubbermaid, Behrens, and Brylanehome. A reason to not get a Simplehuman trashcan, if you’re curious, is for the fact that a variety of features you may need, a Simplehuman trash can won’t have.

Tips when Picking your Dog Proof Trash Can

Never underestimate the power of a larger dog  if you have one! If your dog is aggressive, or just strong in general, they may still be able to tip over this dog-proof trash can. One thing you can count on is that hopefully the lids will maintain their durability and no trash will tip over. However the possibility is still up in the air. For this exact reason, ensure the trash can suppresses the scent to void any reasons that may motivate your canine to go hunting. Many of these are also toddler-proof if you were wondering by the way!

Be sure to know of any specific requirements or features you need in a trash can before getting one (aside from it being dog proof). Doing so will allow you to narrow down your options and by doing so hopefully you will end up with a happy purchase that will last a while. In the end, getting one or a few dog proof trash cans is always in your best interest! Your dog will stop making a mess from your trash and you’ll find it to be weight off your shoulders. 

How to Keep Your Dog Out of the Trash

This section can be very beneficial and has the potential to save money if done well. However, it may not work for everyone so I’d suggest trying this simple solution for a week until buying your dog proof garbage can.

So, let’s get to it. As you know from the first paragraph on this post, dogs like to go through trash. To keep it simple, if you provide them with no reason to go through the trash then the problem is eliminated. Now, I understand that’s not always doable so let’s get into more realistic alternatives.

I’d first recommend ensuring they have food in their food bowl. If the reason they go through your garbage is due to hunger then you can just feed them a bit more. If that is settled and doesn’t resolve the problem, try getting them a new toy to play with. Distractions work rather well and eventually the habit will be broken. Finally, one more thing you can try is to train them. You may have already taught them to roll over or to sit; the process isn’t to different. Reward them with a snack when they’re doing what they should do and they’ll get the message eventually.