Go Kart Kits for Salego kart kits for sale

If you plan on building your own go-kart you may need to buy a go-kart kit. With a go-kart kit the process becomes a lot easier. However, a kit can be used for other purposes as well. Buying one of the following kits can also be used to have a spare of a part on the off-chance something may occur and one will need to replace something. It can also be used to customize a go-kart you already have or plan to buy.

You should be careful when ordering go-kart kits and ensure that everything needed is included in the kits. Many kit’s aren’t always 100% complete, however, Azusa’s kit fits most people’s needs. Azusa’s Engineering Kit comes with everything except the engine and clutch and is a great kit to consider. That is why, out of all of the go kart kits for sale, you will most likely see Azusa’s as number one. Now, let’s get into individual parts (in case the whole kit won’t be necessary).

Go Kart Parts for Sale

Go Kart Clutch

A go-kart owner must know what the specifications to the clutch they need before ordering one. Each go-kart will have different clutches so be sure that the clutch you order matches the qualifications needed. Many of these recreational vehicles have a common clutch; both are a ¾ Bore. If your vehicle needs a 41 chain and 10 tooth sprockets get this clutch. If, however, a 35 chain and 12 tooth sprockets clutch is needed, then you may want to look into this other one. If both go-kart clutches aren’t applicable with your go-kart then be sure to search for one that fits the requirements.

go kart parts for saleGo Kart Sprockets 

Similar to the go kart clutch, go kart sprockets are also in the same dilemna. Each Go-kart will have only a few sprockets that they are compatible with. Rotary #8249 can be used for the universal 41 chain, you can learn more to see if this sprocket is the one you need here. Another common go kart sprocket is #469 for chain number 35.

Go Kart Motors for Sale 

If you’re building your own go kart you’ll need a motor to get it operated. However, if you’re just looking to improve/replace a current motor, getting a new one is vital just as well. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of good go kart motors for sale and you’re about to read about the top three.

Going from lowest to highest in terms of horsepower (hp), the first motor (which is not certified in California incase that affects you) is the Predator Gas Engine. Priced at an estimated $131.99 (excluding shipping), you get a 6.5hp and 212 cc engine. This Predator engine is known to last for quite some time and has a clean performance.

That’s not the only Go kart engine for sale, another is the Duromax XP7HPE with 7 hp. Priced at about $200 it has a electric and recoil start, electronic ignition, and even an air cleaner! This is what some would call a good engine for a good price.

Finally, another very well go kart motor for sale is also by Duromax. It’s referred to as the XP16HP – with a recoil start this is a great gas powered engine. You can get it for $279.99 with free shipping, and enjoy a new engine that’ll perform well and for a long time.

Go Kart Brakes

Though everything mentioned until this point has been needed to make the go-kart operational, this may be the most important part. Go Kart Brakes are needed just as much, if not more, than the engine, clutch, and any other part. This is because, though it may go without saying, that without the brakes riding a go-kart will put you in danger. Similar to the clutch though, each go-kart has different compatibility requirements for which brake will work with it. Below the most common go-kart brakes will be mentioned (you can always search which one you need if the ones listed aren’t compatible with yours).

Number one is by Maxpower; the 10312 Brake Band is commonly bought and can be purchased for $10-20. It fits 4-¾ inch brake drums and is known to last a while as well. If Maxpowers brake band isn’t cutting it, Azusa sells a brake band and drum with a 4” diameter. Priced around $23 this may be your best option!