A Pet Friendly Ant Killer

Whether you own a dog, a bird, a cat, or any other pet, if you have ants to get rid of they need to be gone. Yes you can go and get any ant killer you find out there but what if it interferes with your pet(s)? The best solution is something pet friendly, specifically a pet friendly ant killer.Pet friendly Ant Killer

To find an ant killer that’s pet friendly isn’t always the easiest task. There is one thing you can always resort to however – the EcoSmart Organic ant killers. The EcoSmart ant killers are environmentally safe and pet-safe! You can use them indoors as well as outdoors.

Alternatives to Pet Friendly Ant Killers

If you can’t find one of the EcoSmart Organic Ant Killers or don’t want to wait for shipping when buying online, there are always alternatives. If your ant issue is indoors try using a flea spray that you’d use on your pet. It’s not 100% guaranteed but could work and is worth a shot!

A possible method you can use, for an outdoors situation, as a pet friendly ant killer, is to first find the source. Then you’d need to boil water to around 165 degrees Fahrenheit (though below that will also work). Once that’s done you simply pour it over the hole they come out of. This will kill all ants and not harm any of your pets.

Prevent Another Ant-Incident

Before you need to find a way to kill the ants in a pet friendly matter again, learn how to prevent the situation entirely. First way to prevent ants from intruding into your household is to make sure their is nothing attracting them! Keep all counters clean and crumb-free along with entrances to doorways, windows, and so on.

The second best way to prevent more ants and the use of ant-killers is to use natural ant-repellents. A few examples of ant repellents are: peppermint, cinnamon sticks, and coffee grounds. By placing these where ants typically enter from, you’ll surely drive them away before they think about entering!