If you’ve ever had an air conditioner, or know of someone that does, you know that the bill at the end of the month is never something Best Portable Evaporative Coolerpleasant to look at. A great alternative is an evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler. Though there are some which can’t easily be moved around, there are a lot of portable evaporative coolers at a decent price. If you’re looking for the ‘best portable evaporative cooler’ then your search ends here as we’ve put together a list of only the best (going from the lowest to highest price). The greatest thing is that these are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, inexpensive (compared to the alternative), and is a healthy air system.

Top 5 Best Portable Evaporative Cooler 

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SPT SF-610 Portable Air CoolerA lot more energy efficient than an air conditioner no doubt (as the others will be). A very affordable, one payment, purchase and can be used either as a humidifier or a fan if you don’t want it to be an evaporative cooler at the time. It only weighs at 17 pounds making it very portable and comes with a remote control to allow you to adjust anything you want without much effort. Though it doesn’t contain a compressor (as it’s not meant to be an actual air conditioner), it works well in open areas or dry climates. It has three speed settings, a timer, and a water cyclic system for effective cooling.  

Luma Comfort EC110SCovers about 250 square feet and has 3 cooling and wind speeds. Similar to the one above, it comes with a remote control, has a timer that you can adjust for your needs, and has a control panel. This also works great in either, or both, hot and dry climates. What’s unique about this is the European design that enhances the room air quality.

Essick Air Window CoolerWell, this evaporative cooler, and the one below, are where the prices really go up. The reason for that is this covers 1,600 square feet! It has a 120V motor, 2 speeds to choose from, a remote control, leg for leveling, and an installation kit to make your job easier. It also has adjustable air vents for your convenience and is both effective and efficient.

NewAir AF – 1000W –  Whether you want red or white the specs and portability won’t vary! This covers 300 square feet, has 3 fan speeds, also comes with a remote control, and oscillation function (meaning it circulates back and forth at regular speed). Has rollers on the bottom so it’s easy to move around if needed.

Portacool PAC2K482SAs this is on the bottom of the list it is the most expensive. No, it’s not the most stylish but it surely works best. With the capacity to cover 4000 square feet (yes you read that right) it comes in the color black and has 2 speeds. It has a 40-gallon tank capable for water and you can hook a garden hose to it for the most effective way of filling it up. This can make the air 10-25 degrees (in fahrenheit) cooler!