To not be mistaken as a broom, carpet sweepers provide a variety of benefits that a broom, along with some other appliances, simply can not. Brooms, on the contrary, being a Best Carpet Sweepersmore old-fashioned way to clean, is best on hard tile’s and has the potential to not even be advantageous to carpet cleaning. The best carpet sweepers are great for efficiency (both time and effort), pets that leave a mess, and are safe around children.

Carpet sweepers are able to get deep down and clean out all the debris and bacteria in your carpet. So, let’s get to it.

The Top 5 Best Carpet Sweepers 

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Fuller Brush – The best selling commercial carpet sweeper on Amazon. The Fuller Brush has the capability to clean up pet hair – cats, dogs, birds, anything tolerable. It’s able to pick up debris, dust, dirt, and inevitable messes that happen in almost all households. Surely a great, quiet, option for those small jobs.

OnTel Swivel Sweeper – Great for under furniture whether it’s couches, tables, or chairs. This carpet sweeper will take on any job other sweepers will find difficult. Spinning at 4000 rpm it has 33% more power and comes with reusable, and cleanable, bristles. OnTel Swivel Sweeper comes with the rechargeable battery, charger, and the full on sweeper itself. Talk about being inexpensive and effective!

Bissell 92N0 – Made from PVC-free and recyclable materials. The 92N0 can clean both carpets and hard floors as it is lightweight and compacted. Coming with two brushes, one large and one medium – for large debris or smaller debris. These brushes are specifically designed to also be able to clean in those sharp corners and edges.

Shark V2930 – Lightweight and maneuverable, isn’t that what’s needed from all the best carpet sweepers? Well, the Shark V2930 shares this characteristic. It weighs only 4 pounds and can easily go under couches and hard to clean places with its motorized brush. Able to clean cat, and dog hair, to an extent, and is bluntly great for those light to medium jobs (for those tougher jobs, a vacuum may be best).

Leifheit 11410 – Adjustable bristles to adjust to the thickness of your carpet. After collecting all the debris, the 11410 has a removable tray to easily dump out the augmented pick ups. This manual sweeper weighs only 5 pounds (making it considered a lightweight), and works great for low-pile rugs and/or carpets.