Animals that Consume Grasswhat eats grass

Grass is a meal/snack on a wide and global scale. What eats grass can either be omnivores or herbivores simply because carnivores don’t eat non-meats. Grass has been eaten by little kids and other humans with their own reasoning (though not preferred nor healthy) and animals as well.

The huge variety of animals that eat grass is massive. The list goes on and on with different species, breeds, and geographical locations. Aside from wildlife, even some pets and insects consume grass. So specifically, what eats grass?

So the Main Grass-Eaters are…

Well first off, they’re called ‘grazers’ – basically means grass eaters. These include (but isn’t limited to): zebras, giraffes, wildebeest, buffalo, elk, deer, antelopes, gazelles, kangaroos, goats, horses, and well you get the idea. Grass is widely eaten by even more animals and insects then what’s previously been listed.

Household pets also eat grass as a snack at times. The two main household pets that eat or chew on grass are cats and dogs. If you’re a pet-owner of one of the two (or even both) you may have noticed them snacking on your yard every now and then. On top of all of the pets and wildlife that devours grass, there’s also some insects. Chinch bugs, a variety of worms, spittlebugs, and grasshoppers are just a few of the grass-eating insects out there. With all of these “grass predators” you may not even need to mow your lawn any more (wouldn’t that be nice)!