To keep it short and simple on “what do toads eat”, they prefer to eat live organisms such as worms and other insects. However, there are a mass variety of different species that eat different things. Eating habits of a toad also differ if they’re young or old, in the wild or kept as pets. Toads play a certain role in the food-web as carnivorous animals. Let’s discover how their role varies at a different age or species.

What do Cane Toads Eat?what do toads eat

Cane toads are known to grow into a decently large size (nothing humongous though, if yours is then you may want to get your pet checked out) and are a popular choice for pet lovers. Cane Toads love to feast on insects as their main source of protein, nutrients, and a tasty snack. Some of these insects include: worms, ants, beetles, and bees as well! That’s not all though, they won’t just stop at these insects for their main-course. They’ll also consume smaller lizards, other toads (if smaller), mice, rats, and so on. The variety of things a cane toad will eat amazes me.

What do Wild Toads Eat?

Similar to the Cane Toad, Wild Toads will eat just about anything; from insects to fish and birds. They are amphibians and live a portion of their life under-water which has an affect on their diet. Some wild toad will eat flies and ants but they typically only do that when they are young and can’t capture anything larger. Speaking of what toads eat as a baby, let’s get into deeper details.

What do Baby Toads Eat?

As previously mentioned, the baby toad will develop a larger appetite for larger organisms as they grow. However, as they are still young, what they eat as a baby will only be smaller than them and in abundance actually. Baby toads typically only eat ants and flies; they don’t have teeth (neither do the adults) so they swallow their meal whole. If you own a baby toad as a pet, they’ll eat things similar to what lizards eat. This includes: crickets, meal-worms, and wax-worms. However, they must be kept small so the baby toad has no trouble eating it.