What to consider when Buying Some Personalized Sleeping Bags

Getting some personalized sleeping bags for your children, yourself, or a loved one can be a great gift! However when personalizing your sleeping bag you can run into some issues. They’re uncommon but it’s good to be on a lookout as you customize, personalize, and order.

For example, depending on where you personalize your sleeping bag (I’ll explain where to buy some below) some names may be too long to put going across the bag. If you planned on having it just be on the front, the font may be too large and extend all around – or it may not even fit! Sounds silly but I have heard some interesting stories.

Another possible outcome – When personalizing/customizing your sleeping bag (along with any other item) be sure to understand where it’s being shipped from and how long it will take to arrive Customizable Sleeping Bagsat your doorstep. If you need it in time for a camping trip or birthday gift be aware of this!

Other than those two concerns, not many things can go wrong as you personalize your sleeping bag. Be a smart online buyer and you’re set!

Pro Tip: If whoever this sleeping bag is for owns a backpack or a luggage set it may not be a bad idea to have it match!

Where to Buy Your Personalized Sleeping Bags

You can easily google “personalized sleeping bags” and find many links/websites to sell to you. From popular reviews 

The first place to consider is Amazon. All you need to do is type in personalized sleeping bags and go through the sellers and see how flexible they are with what you can customize. See where these sellers ship from, the shipping time, and so on. Buying from Prime will help assure you of customer service and shipping speed!

To get a personalized sleeping bag for a kid or toddler is a lot easier. Though you’re only able to partially customize them, they have their own theme which may fit your requirements. With that in mind, such sleeping bags would be great for sleepovers! Whether it’s a sleepover for 2 or for 6, a personalized sleeping bag would be very, very easy to distinguish from the rest. Talk about convenience!

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Option #1 – With a pirate theme you can get any name embroidered in a variety of fonts and/or colors right in the front. It comes with an attached blanket and removable pillow and is not only soft but also machine washable! The total size measures: 24.75″ x 52.5″ and it can be carried like a backpack. Simple, soft, and easy to deal with.

Option #2 – An owl themed sleeping bag. Made by the same maker as Option #1, the features are also the same. The total size still measures: 24.75″ x 52.5″, it can be carried like a backpack, comes with the removable pillow and attached blanket, and you can get any name built-in the front. The only difference is the theme.

Option #3 – Caterpillar themed. It’s recommended for anyone 3 years or older and measures: 55″ L x 27″ W. It’s meant only for indoor use and is free of many harming materials (such as BPA, lead, etc.). It comes with a personalized name holder and double sided zippers. It’s easy to take anywhere and is favored by many children.

Regular Sleeping Bag Reviews – Pick the best one for you!

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1. Western Mountaineering Alpinlite – This is number one on my list of sleeping bag reviews because of, well, everything. If you plan on using a sleeping bag often then you’d need to invest into a nice one, yes it’s a little pricey but in the long run it’s worth it. Price ranges around $525 (online and offline). This is very comfortable, warm, light weight, and no catch zipper! However this can very Sleeping bag reviewsmuch likely get hot over the summer!

2. Marmot Electrum 30 – A lightweight bag that has made it to the second spot on this sleeping bag reviews list! Perfect for the winter because of its efficient warmth and also a lot more cost effective than the Western Mountaineering Alpinlite! Prices vary around $150 (huge difference!).

3. Millet Alpine LTK 900 – Sleep comfort would be a 3 or 4 out of five but, it’s still one of the best sleeping bags for summer. This makes camping very convenient! The zippers and all of the things a person would find annoying in a sleeping bag, the Millet Alpine LTK 900 is designed to avoid it!

4. Marmot Plasma 15 – This is one of the priciest sleeping bags but it’s a must for my sleeping bag reviews and here’s why. From $470-679 (depends where you get it), you get full body warmth with a lightweight sleeping bag and great comfort. Perfect for three of the four seasons, backpacking, and camping! Comes with a neck baffle and weighs at 1.88 pounds.

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