Three of the Coolest Backpacks Right Now

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1 & 2. The Herschel and Jansport Backpacks

These are the ‘coolest backpacks’ that you’d see around your city and on many high school or middle school campuses. They’re the typical two slot backpacks. One for things such as pencils, a calculator, small folded up papers, etc. The other slot is meant for notebooks, a laptop, tablet, etc. These casual backpacks can also be used to travel with. They are considered a carry-on with most airlines and are easy to take around with you.

coolest backpacks3. Osprey Daylite Backpack

This is a good in-budget travel backpack. Depending on your sense of style, some may say it’s one of the coolest backpacks ever. It has a compartment to store a water bottle or something similar to it. Good for backpacking and/or hiking along with many other things or just daily casual activities. You can attach this backpack to other Osprey backpacks to enlarge it if you’re going for a bigger size. Also, this is a good backpack for anyone on a budget, starting price is around $47.

Top Four Best Backpacks for Travelling 

If you’re a fan of duffel bags, sleeping bags,  luggage sets, or other forms of travel-gear then you may not want to get a backpack. However in some scenarios, a backpack is your best option. Backpacks have become a convenient tool for humanity throughout the years. Not just backpacks but carry-ons, handbags, purses, wallets, etc. They now play a big part in our errands, travels, and efficiency. For example, I can now keep my credit and debit cards safely organized wherever I go rather than having it wrapped in a rubber band (same goes for cash).best backpacks for travelling

Another example would be packaging necessities. Whether I plan on taking a trip for a few hours up state then back or if I plan on visiting another continent for a week purses, bags, etc. make it all convenient. The best part however, is that they now have backpacks for travel and here are some of the best ones.

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Tortuga Backpack would be the second of the best backpacks for travel. It comes with easy access to everything you pack inside. It also includes a compartment for your laptop! With a 100% nylon base it measures 22 x 14 x 9″ and has a padded hip belt so it won’t be a pain carrying it around. Enjoy the security you’ll feel with it’s lockable zippers. 

The Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack would be one of the best backpacks for travel. Reason being is that it’s one of the low budget ones. This is also one of the best backpacks for travel because it can come in three different sizes as well as different colors. It’s also fairly lightweight and depending on the airline you fly with it can be considered a carry-on.

The Osprey Porter is the third out of this list of the best backpacks for travel. It comes in two different sizes, made from 100% nylon, and is also good for hiking. It’s good for hiking because it comes with a real suspension system and the torso length of the Osprey Porter can be adjusted. Your belongings will be safe with the dual foam padded sidewalls!

Gregory Border 35 – This was designed by a traveler so it touches on many things travelers need. For example, it has extra interior compartments for any dirty clothes or shoes! I don’t see many travel backpacks with that feature. It also can be passed as a carry-on for many airlines!