The Dachshund is currently one of the most popular small dog breed. This breed differs from other dogs because of their body type and digestive system. It puts extra emphasis on any owner to ensure they’re fed properly. That being said, though they’re a brave, fun, and loving pets their diet needs to be met so they can stay that way.Best Dog Food for Dachshunds

What Makes Certain Dog Food Specifically Good for Dachshund Dogs

The list of the best dog food for Dachshunds can be found below if you don’t want to get into the specific reasoning however it is good to know the facts behind the dog food you (may) buy. So, what are the basics of a Dachshund’s diet?

Well, what I believe the two most important things to know about Dachshund’s are that they have a sensitive digestive system and an average active adult should consume about 922 calories on a daily basis. That’s for a 30 pound adult; if they weigh around 10 or so pounds, they should be consuming around 404 calories. Also, a dachshund has a deep chest which plays an effect on bloating. It’s recommended to provide them with easy-to-digest foods so they can bloat less.

Finally, one more thing I personally think should be known by all Dachshund owners (though the list can go on), is that they are prone to back issues. If they were to become obese, this may only negatively affect their back (along with other negative correlations with obesity). To prevent this from happening, do feed them appropriate portions of food (with a customized dog bowl maybe?), promote a healthy lifestyle for them to live, and ensure they get the nutrients and minerals needed!

List of 6 Top Food for your Dachshund Pet

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Tuscan Natural – Tuscan is on the list of the top 6 dog food for dachshunds because of how easily digestible it is. This chicken meal is human-raised and has only 2 sources of energy. One source of protein and one of carbohydrates. It’s also not only energy-packed but nutrient filled because of the added extra virgin olive oil. With such simple ingredients any dog, not only dach’s, can easily consume this.

Orijen – This dry dog food has been voted food of the year for more than 2 years! A mixture of meat (majority – 80%), fruits and vegetables (20%), it’s all natural and a great choice for any adult dog! Orijen also is known to be most dogs favorites (in regards to flavor)!

Blue Buffalo – There are quite a few flavors you can pick from Blue Buffalo. However, if you’re purchasing for a Dachshund, I recommend getting a small breed or small bite blend for the convenience of your dog (and to prevent what was written above). If you’re concerned on your canine to dislike the flavor you could sample the smaller pound bags. Fortunately, a huge pro to the Blue Buffalo is that it includes something called the “Blue Life Protection Formula” to help meet the energy needs for smaller dogs.

Wellness Core – Not only is it grain-free but it also comes in a variety of flavors and sizes if you have any dog other than a dachshund. Wellness dog food has done their best to make their blend protein-rich for the energy needs of small breeds and all natural for the nutritional and digestive system of your canine.    

EVO Small Bite –  EVO’s small bite was specifically made for all small breeds. Sometimes when your dog just doesn’t seem to like any other hard-food, this may just be the solution. Though it’s not the most popular brand of small-bite canine food, it has the majority vote on being a top pick!

Nutrisca – Finally, we get to the bottom of the list – Nutrisca. Salmon flavored, it’s good for dogs of all sizes or age groups (some exceptions do apply). There are no potatoes or tapioca included in this blend and is made in the USA. If you need to incorporate more fiber in your pet’s diet this is the blend for them!