Great Danes, the domestic breed known for it’s large size, surely can’t sleep on any dog bed; not even most sleeping bags actually. They require one just a tad larger than them, one that allows them some wiggle room. Growing to the average expectancy of 28-34 inches, and typically weighing around 99-200 pounds (all varies on gender and other factors). Be sure to keep that in mind when you look at dog beds for great Danes.

Dog Beds Large Enough for Great DanesDog Beds for Great Danes

Opposed to dog beds you may get for a Labrador (found here), the Great Dane requires a larger bed. Three large enough beds for a great Dane include (but aren’t limited to): Hidden Valley’s (HV) Orthopedic Bed, Brindle’s 52in x 34 in Bed, and another Orthopedic Bed by Hidden Valley. More details entailing what each bed has to offer will be summarized in the following chart and have a more in-depth explanation below it.

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Hidden Valley’s Orthopedic Bed – HV’s chocolate covered bed has a wide enough dimension to allow your Great Dane to sleep in comfort. Sized at 34 in x 54 in and weighing at 13 pounds it’s still small enough to be moved around if needed. The removable cover, that’s also machine washable, is made with a micro-suede material. What does that mean? Well, not only is it comfortable for your dog and soft but it also requires very little effort to clean up!

Brindle’s 52in x 34 in Bed – With Brindle’s bed, the simplicity may, or may not be, a benefit to your Great Danes situation. Compared to Hidden Valley’s bed, there is no supporting pillows built in (though you can always get creative). It’s the most cost-effective option out of these 3 and comes in one of 4 colors along with different sizes. The orthopedic memory foam helps relieve hip dysplasia, arthritis, and pained joints. Though it’s cost-effective it provides almost just as much benefits (also machine-washable and convenient)!

Hidden Valley’s Orthopedic Creme Bed – Similar to the first Hidden Valley bed this comes in a different color. It’s a tad more pricey (by a couple of dollars), but has just as much pros! It’s built the exact same and to be frank, the only way this bed varies from the other is the color and price. Who knows though, maybe the creme color fits in more with your home decor!