50th Wedding Anniversary IdeasTips for Some Top 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

If your 50th wedding anniversary is coming up it’s definitely something you’d probably want to celebrate and there are many reasons why. First, there are romantic things you can do for your special somebody without the expenses and extra effort to make them happy.

Your wedding anniversary ideas can/may vary depending on where you live. For example if you look into San Diego anniversary ideas they usually would include a beach bonfire, walk on the beach, beach photo-shoot, etc. However, if you need an anniversary idea for Orlando an idea that may come up is a walk through Leu Gardens which isn’t available in San Diego.

Tips for Some of Your Special 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is having the assumption that it won’t take much or long to plan such a holiday/event. Plan ahead. In the end if it doesn’t take much time then you can not worry about it and ease your mind of the issue. So first, set the date that you’d like to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary.

Second, look into places or getaways for your 50th wedding anniversary. This is your anniversary and you can decide if you want to visit a new place or stick to something local. Third, something that must be discussed or thought of is what are your personal 50th wedding anniversary ideas? Your own idea may be better than anything you read about. Why? Well, your own personal idea is something you came up with which may hold extra value for your significant other. Your own anniversary idea may also include some ‘inside’ thing that only the two of you would understand or appreciate.

To continue on some ideas for your 50th wedding anniversaryIdeas for a 50th wedding anniversary

Secure the venue with the date you set. You obviously don’t want to go and plan your anniversary according to your dream venue to find out it’s not available. On top of that, you won’t be able to send out invitations with no address/setting to it. So, to summarize quickly for what’s been said, set the date, figure out what you would like to do and/or brainstorm your 50th wedding anniversary ideas, then secure the venue.

After all that is set, get your invitation cards ready. Include some key points for the guest, figure out who’s on the guest list, and mail them out. Some key points would be: Date, time, place, what to wear, what’s provided, etc.

What else to take in Consideration

Lastly you need to touch up your honeymoon anniversary. You and your guests possibly will get hungry/thirsty so decide if you’ll have a bar. Is it an open bar? Will the food be offered at the venue, is it catered, or will you and your guest be enjoying some home cooked food?

Another thing that’s needed to be taken in perspective is the decoration. From the theme to the color. If there’ll be flowers on the tables. If so what flower? And so on. After reading this hopefully you understand that some of the 50th Honeymoon Anniversary Ideas you’ve come up with take more effort than expected. What’s the best way to celebrate an important marriage milestone?

50th wedding anniversaryNope, put those $10 gas station flowers back in the forecourt display, we’re going to need to break out something truly magical! There are hundreds of options to choose from. A cheeky break to Aspen, or Spring in Key West, or spend your entire budget on a flight to Paris, c’est magnifique! Of course you don’t have to spend outrageous amounts of $$$’s to have the perfect anniversary. We have a detailed list of romantic things you can do that you don’t need a small fortune for.

Plan Ahead

As with all travel plans, working everything out well in advance is a great idea. Hotels, airport parking lots, and flights get booked up quickly, particularly if you’re going to be on vacation during a busy time of year such as the school holidays or early Summer.It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to have your travel plans overlap with your anniversary date.

Pro Tip: If you’re celebrating a really important anniversary, let the hotel/airline know in advance. Budget operators might not be too accommodating but you may find 4/5 star hotels plus carriers, such as American or British Airways, may upgrade you on arrival. You’ll thank us when you sink into your business class seat. Don’t forget to drink plenty of that complimentary wine, you deserve it!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Long Haul

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a long haul holiday don’t panic. Stays a little closer to home can be just as special, just allocate more budget to the hotel, flights or take the time out to do something truly wonderful, such as a balloon ride or visiting an attraction you’ve always wanted to. If you are travelling long haul on a budget, be sure to book in advance and try to compare multiple carriers at multiple airports of departure.

Don’t overlook the gas miles and airport lot parking; cheap flights end up costing more once you factor in the actual trip to the terminal!

 Book Something You’ll Both Love

Hopefully, 50 years of wedded bliss have left you with a good idea of what your loved one would delight in doing on vacation. However, unless you’re planning a surprise trip for your partner, it’s probably a good idea to book everything together. This ensures everyone gets to see the sights and experience all they want to in your chosen destination. It’s a good idea at this point to ask friends for hints and tips on what to do. Try not to copy their “perfect” holiday in its entirety though, vacations are special because they’re unique to you, make sure they stay that way.

Booking A PartyIdeas for a wedding anniversary

Actually booking a wedding anniversary party is fast becoming a new trend. Long gone are the days where parties were the preserve of weddings and birthdays! If you do go down this route there are a couple of things to take care of:

1. As with all family get together, anniversary parties tend to bring all age groups and generations and lump them all in one room for the evening! Try to offer a little bit of entertainment for all your guests. Most “wedding DJ” services are capable of playing the Beatles and Calvin Harris in one set, who cares if it’s slightly cliché.

2. Depending on the venue and budget, you’ll probably find it easier to hire the services of a party planner. Although there’s a cost to hire that person, you’ll find yourself saving that money due to the planners contacts and general experience with running a great event on a tight budget.

3. If certain family members don’t turn up, please don’t sweat it! As with all “modern” things, a wedding anniversary party won’t wash with some people who believe in the old adage of “births, deaths and marriages”. You’ll find many, many more relatives who’ll be glad to come and celebrate, particularly if there’s alcohol, music and good food involved!

Buying Gifts

Hopefully, if you’ve been listening you’ll have realized we’re big fans of the surprise vacation. If you’re buying for your wife or husband then follow your own instincts and book the vacation you know your partner will love. Presenting a vacation as a physical present can be tough, especially in this modern era where tickets are emailed and hotel room bookings are accessed using iPhone apps. One top tip is to print out the email confirmation slip and put it in side a nice card, itself within a nice present bag. Perfect!

If you’re a family member or friend then it becomes a little harder. Our advice would be to spend +15% on the average cost of a birthday present. Of course there’s no hard and fast rule to this as some of the sweetest presents are home-made or something that’s truly priceless, yet far more meaningful than a million flights to Venice!

To Sum Up Your 50th Honeymoon Anniversary Ideas

You should consider looking into what gift you should get for them. The 50th honeymoon anniversary is known as the gold anniversary. To be a little symbolic on your gift get her something in gold. Whether the material or color, if you’re budgeting the gift my recommendation would be to at least wrap it or use a golden colored box.

Your gift (if you decide to get one), can also be self-made and meaningful. It can also be something that you noticed caught her eye as you were walking on your first date but she never got it. The possibilities truly are endless and can be left to what your relationship is based off of and surrounded by to your imagination.