Being here, you’re probably looking to learn about some Romantic or Weekend Getaways in California. Being a Southern Californian native I’ve Weekend Getaways in Californiadecided to briefly touch on what I, along with other locals, enjoy doing on weekends.

Whether you’re taking a loved one on a romantic date, your family for some family fun time, or going alone for some peace and quiet. I’d say most of these comply with any one of those situations.

The best thing to do in Southern California, for a weekend or romantic getaway, is a bonfire (in my opinion)! Specifically referring to San Diego, I find it very exciting to light up a bonfire right by the beach, overlook the waters, and feel the warmth of the fire. A favorite place to host a bonfire for many people is Mission Bay or La Jolla shores.

Bonfires are great as a weekend getaway in California because it can make for a romantic time with your loved one. Or, it’s a great place to be with family and friends because it sets for a great, cozy, environment.

Now touching on the romantic aspect of California, you can always do the typical movie date at a local shopping center or mall. You can go on a romantic camping trip in the mountains, or have a nice picnic at a park.

Not many people go on picnics anymore, it’s a shame because as you settle down, eat, and sit with your loved one you feel isolated with just them. Your partner is the only thing that matters at that moment and I can tell you, they’ll really appreciate that. So make sure to keep that in mind as you try to take someone out on a romantic weekend getaway.  To finish up this post, I’d like to make sure you guys also are aware that tourist attractions make for great romantic or weekend getaway! The zoo, Sea World, Disneyland, and more! Pay all of them a visit!