What Lizards Eat as Pets

What do lizards eatBefore owning a lizard as a pet it’s good to ask yourself “what do lizards eat” and understand where they stand in the food-web (to keep them away from harm). What a pet lizard eats can vary from what a lizard in nature will eat because of how they adapt. A pet lizard has adapted to the lifestyle of being in a household, eating artificial food, and so on. However, just because they’re not in nature doesn’t mean they can’t get a taste of the wildlife luxuries.

It is possible to give your pet lizard food that they’d eat in the wild. Varying on the species of lizard you own (for example an Iguana, Salamander, or even a Bearded Dragon), their meals may vary. A bearded dragon is an omnivore and an Iguana is an omnivore as well. That makes all the difference.

You can find live lizard food to purchase at the bottom of this page to give your pet the sensations of being in the wild and eating scrumptious insects. I personally wouldn’t eat these insects but the taste buds of a lizard obviously differs.

What Baby Lizards Eat

As a baby, lizards have the capacity to eat almost as much if not equivalent to an adult lizard. Their diet will typically vary when they’re in their youth. Growing up to be a full sized lizard requires plenty of protein which they plan to consume. Most of this protein, unless they’re herbivores, comes from insects. If you’re in possession of a baby lizard you can either buy their protein-packed meals at the bottom of this page or catch them in your yard! To get into more specific details it’s best to research the specific breed of lizard you’re referring to.

What Wild Lizards Eat

A lizards natural food diet typically consists of eggs, fruits, plants, and insects. Surprisingly, lizards in nature tend to steal eggs from other nests in the wild to feast on. Depending on the lizard, eggs and insects are their preferred entree. Insects are almost everywhere to be found in the wild and eggs will not put up an effort of defense (since they obviously can’t do much but lay there).

There are some lizard breeds, such as the Iguana, that prefer greens over eggs and insects. The Iguana is actually a herbivore and will not eat meat. He or she will eat young plants, fruits, leaves, and other greens that are in abundance. For the non herbivorous lizards that prefer to eat meat and insects they don’t worry much either. There are insects all around the wild for them to snack on and get their nutrients from. Some insects that lizards prefer (that you can easily get online at the bottom of this page) are: the Horn-worm,  grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, cockroaches, and flies. Hopefully that answered your question on “what do lizards eat” 

Lizard Food to Consider Buying

The following lizard food can be used to supplement something in your pet-lizards diet. It can serve as a full meal, snack, or treat if you’re trying to do some sort of training. Lizards will never object to eating some live insects. Keep in mind however, if you can’t deal with these insects then you should devise a plan to provide it to your lizard without touching them before you purchase these live insects.