As your dog gets older you may have noticed them experiencing less and less comfort as they lay in their bed. Such a Best Dog Beds for Older Dogssituation may occur for numerous reasons depending on their current bed and position. To avoid this from happening or prevent it from happening again many dog-owners research what the “best dog beds for older dogs” are and here you’ll find the answer. Putting customer satisfaction, pricing, and popularity all in consideration we put together a list of the 7 most favored beds for older dogs.

7 of the Top Senior Dog Beds

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1. FurHaven Nap Bed

Furhaven has done their best to allow you to pick between many, many options. You may want to play around and pick the best color and the best size so it may be tailored to your dog’s needs. Allow the purchase price to surpass a certain amount and enjoy free shipping on your order as well. Furhaven’s water-resistant base dog bed may be your best bet!

2. Brindle Soft Memory Foam Bed

3 inches of orthopedic memory foam is almost guaranteed to bring your grey-haired dog comfort. This foam bed is mainly for medium sized dogs and is actually quite convenient for travelers. Surprisingly, this is one of the few beds for canines that will fit in dog crates! One may find more information and benefits on cleaning this particular bed here; also you’ll read more on how to clean it.

3. K&H Paw Print Bed

Enjoy the convenience of picking one of two colors, and one of four sizes to blend into your home and match your dogs style. This Paw Print bed may come in the color of an eggplant or green and you can get it with free shipping on Amazon. An old dog will surely enjoy relaxation on 3 inches of orthopedic foam as a mattress.

4. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed 

Coming in options of three different colors and three different sizes, you can likely find one that suits both your home decor and dog’s style with this bed. This bed will not flatten out over time, will look good, and is easy to clean. Get the best prices off Amazon on their sales page and watch your dog rest in comfort.

5. Happy Hounds Oscar Dog Bed

Yet another orthopedic dog bed with free shipping! At $69.99 (though pricing may vary) it comes with a reversible design to allow for longer use (handy right?). Though you may not be able to go through more options as the other beds provide, this one may still suit your needs. With more than 359 happy customers, you may just be another one!

6. Milliard Orthopedic Premium Canine Bed

Luckily, you can alter the size of this bed from small to X-Large. Be sure your dog will comfortable rest and relax on their bed by checking the measurements. Prices will vary depending on the size (from $26.50 to $63.99) the therapeutic comfort experienced by your pet will surely be worth it. See if this dog bed is right for you and enjoy the perks of getting it quickly!

7. Kopek’s Bed with Perks

The list of the best dog beds for older dogs is coming to an end with Kopek’s bed being last on the list. This bed comes with a built-in pillow that’s 3 inches thick and built out of therapeutic foam. With a waterproof cover as well, you may find this bed to be more beneficial than you have thought! It’s dark chocolate cover can also compliment your dog’s natural coat color (or home decor).