Maintaining a pool takes a lot of time and money. Both of which seem to be scarce in the majority of everyone’s lives unfortunately. An Best Automatic Pool Cleanersautomatic pool cleaner, once set up, will thankfully save you time and will put a minor, one time, dent in your pocket (which is what we, Alicia-Online, strive to do for you with all appliances). If you ask me, it’s worth it. One time uncomfortable payment for a couple of years of a clean pool without the effort, After all, time is money. Nonetheless, that’s just my ideology but let’s get to the important part. The list of best automatic pool cleaners.

Best Automatic Pool Cleaners – Top 5

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Aquabot ABREEZ4 – Recommended for any pool size or shape of at most 50 feet. Cleans the walls and the coves, backwards and forwards, it does it all. The debris basket is easy to take out and clean making this a simple robotic pool cleaner.

Pool Rover – One of the most inexpensive automatic pool cleaner there is! It’s suggested to be used in a pool of no longer, or wider, than 40 feet. Comes with a kink free swivel cord and also scrubs the coves and partially washes the walls. It’s so effective that it can clean around 80 gallons of water a minute.

Dolphin 99996323 – As long as your pool isn’t longer than 60 feet then you have nothing to worry about. The Nautilus, or even the Nautilus Plus, has a 60 feet swivel cord but, is recommended for a 50 foot Pool. It cleans the coves, the walls, and the pool itself. It’s very simple to use with it’s simple design and is very effective.

Pentair GW7900 – Meant for an in-ground swimming pool and does exceptionally well for any pool of 40 feet (doesn’t imply that 40 feet is the max it’ll clean). The Pentair cleans fast and almost never avoids any messes, or spots. There are no limits to what pool shape the GW7900 can clean with its smart-trac system which steers it accordingly.

Polaris F9450 – Now, we get advanced. The 4 wheel drive covers the walls, the floor, and the cove of the pool with it’s pleated scrubbing brush as they put it. Though it doesn’t come with a remote control, it’s vortex vacuum captures more than 400% of debris that other cleaners are capable of doing and steers itself with a 7 day programmable cycle. Cleans pools up to 50 feet long with ease.