With all the things that can get stored in a basement, you may not always find it in your best interest to have the stored products be in a best dehumidifier for basementhumid environment. A dehumidifier will take in all the humid air and transform it into cool water which will be placed in a bucket (connected to the product). Do ensure that you empty this bucket regularly (if it has no pump), or as much as is recommended for the dehumidifier you buy. Most dehumidifiers will vary in the requirements of maintenance levels (pump or no pump), performance, and of the most important factors, price.

Many basements also do vary in size. Keep in mind how large your basement is when choosing which dehumidifier best suits your needs.

The Top 6 Dehumidifiers for Basements

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Honeywell 70-Pint –  Unlike the one above, you choose to get it with, or without, a humidity monitor (cost just a bit more with). This also removes the same amount of moisture within a 24 hour period, which is 70 pints, and has 2 fan speeds. It works very well and gets the job done no doubt. Also included is a drain option to make your job easier.

KeyStone 70-Pint with Built-in Pump – Another with a built-in pump! They’re really making owning a dehumidifier quite easy as it now requires very little maintenance after setup. With the capability to dehumidify a room of up to 4500 square feet, this will be a great fit for a basement (or of any room that fits the criteria). Enjoy the LED display and easiness that the timer provides.

Frigidaire 70-Pint – Using a 115V electrical outlet, this is a simple dehumidifier that weighs a little less than 50 pounds. This will clear 70 pints of moisture a day that contains bacteria that may lead to mildew and mold (ew, I know). It has integrated side handles, a handle from the top, and wheels on the bottom making this very portable and easy to move. With new technology, this has a 24 hour timer, control lock, and it even has a readout for humidity levels!

RCA RDH705 – The RCA also clears up to 70 pints of moisture within a 4500 square foot room (within a day). It operates as long as it’s in an environment at 11 degrees fahrenheit (minimum). The RDH705 has an auto-restart protection, 2.1 gallon tank to dispose whatever water/moisture it collected, and wheels for easy mobility.  

Friedrich D70BP – Still thinking about getting one with a built-in pump for convenience? This is another option to consider. With a built in thermostat that also states the humidity levels, and a 24 hour timer, Friedrich makes it easy to have a clean, mildew, and mold free home. This is an Energy Star qualified humidifier to ensure energy efficiency as it gets the job done.

Frigidaire FAD954DWD – I saved the best for last with this Frigidaire product. Though it isn’t the most inexpensive option, it’s the most effective. As it can clean up to 95 pints a day, has a 6 feet power cord, and can run 24/7 (if turned on at all times and located/set up near a suitable drain) this is the bang for your buck! It’s also mobile/portable with wheels on the bottom and has enough controls to allow you to choose what humidity levels you want in your home (based on percentages). With 3 fan speeds and and a filter check, you can adjust this to your preferences.

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