Surprised about how active your Siberian Husky is? Their activity levels have been of use to humanity since the early 1900’s and probably even before that. Originating from Siberia, they ran and ran. They’re genetically the “athletic” canines and their dietary needs have revolved Best Dog Food for Huskiesaround that making a lot of dog food out there not good enough for them. So what’s the best dog food for huskies?

As you consider the following list of the top 5 foods for Huskies, keep in mind any particular deficiency in your pets daily diet. Also note medical concerns that may be an issue for your specific Siberian Husky and so on.

Best Dog Food for Huskies to Consider – Top 5

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Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food – Orijen has top-quality dog food that can be easily chewed by most adult dogs with healthy teeth. Made with 80% meat and 20% fruits and vegetables a great blend of nutrients, proteins, and carbs are found in this. It contains no grains and is naturally healthy.

Blue Buffalo – A wide variety of flavors are offered with different options of sizes. From 4 to 30 pounds watch your dog enjoy food that’s filled with antioxidants, whole grains, healthy vegetables, minerals, and vitamins. A very cost-effective choice for all the benefits that come along with Blue Buffalo dog food.

Taste of the Wild – With 6 flavors and multiple sizes to pick from you could either sample it one at a time, or go all out on your dog’s favorite! The salmon flavor is actually made with real smoked salmon. Also, all flavors are supplemented with fruits and vegetables and include antioxidants.

Pinnacle Peak Grain-Free – If your dog eats this you’ll have no doubts that chicken is the main source of protein which is derived from Pinnacle Peak. You may notice an improvement in your Husky’s immune system after some time with this because of the omega fatty acids included.

Honest Kitchen Gluten Free – If you’re Husky requires gluten free dog this is the best choice (in most situations). You can either get the 4 or 10 pound size which amounts to more because you’re meant to add water. You have three flavors to choose from: Chicken & Quinoa, Fish & Coconut, and Turkey & Parsnip; all of which are limited to only 6 ingredients (ingredients may vary depending on the flavor you pick). Honest Kitchen dog food, though meant for dogs, is of such great quality it’s even human grade, meaning it’s okay for human consumption, which makes it a 5 star choice all together.