If you’re currently bored or want to plan in advance some things to do in Newport, then you’ve come to the right place.Whether it’s a weekend getaway, family getaway, or any other reason it won’t affect the fun yoThings to do in Newport Beach Californiau’ll experience! There are many activities and tourist attractions just depends on what you’re interests are.

Tourist Attractions in Newport Beach CA

A favorite, though only a way of transportation, is the Balboa Island Ferry. It can be a little lengthy on the wait time if it’s the weekend. However, it’s a great way to be economical friendly, allows you to enjoy the ride, and it’s a view! You wouldn’t want to spend a whole day on it so let’s move on to other tourist attractions.

You’re in Newport Beach so go to the beach! It’s great for surfing, boogie-boarding, swimming, and many other ocean activities. It’s a pretty long and wide beach so it’s a good place for a romantic walk. You’re also welcome to rent a bike, and bike along the bike path that goes on for quite some distance.

If you’re a heavy surfer, or are daring visit The Wedge! There’s great history behind the area and great waves! The shore-breaks are what make the waves in The Wedge so well-known. The waves can reach up to 30 feet tall, and for safety hazards there are times when you’re not allowed to surf (May 1 – Oct. 31).

More Activities in Newport Beach CA

If you’re on the lazy side at the moment, you can rent a segway and just segway through the pier, orange county, etc. There are many tours which include segways and that allows you to see many of the attractions in a well-organized matter.

Go fly! Yes, you read that right. Fly up to 30 feet in the air, with the water powered jet-pack. You don’t need to stay up in the air though, you can dive into the water, walk above it, and anything else you can think about doing with this jet-pack. Before using it, you’d most likely need to go take a 30 minute class about how to use it, safety, etc.