Golden Retrievers have become one of the top breeds that we strive to own, care for, and share good times with. What the best dog food is for your golden retriever may differ from that of another and vice versa. This is because of their individual nutritional needs. However, it can be averaged out and a list of the top 5 dog foods for most golden retrievers will be listed below. Do ensure that your dog meets their minimal Best Dog Food for Golden Retrieversself-nutritional requirements – skip to the bottom if you’d like to get straight to the list and omit other information.

What Factors into a Golden Retrievers Nutritional Needs

As previously mentioned, each breed will have their own specific needs. Within these breeds, each dog will also have individual requirements that differ from other canines in the same breed. Unless your dog suffers from a particular injury and/or illness they will usually share the same needs as the average dog. An average adult needs about 1300 calories a day, if your dog is active a lot it may need about 1900 calories a day, an older (senior) dog will need about 1050 calories a day. Do see a vet to confirm these numbers are accurate with your dog.

So, what goes into consideration when looking at the average caloric intake of a golden retriever? Though this list can go on and on, I’ll keep it simple. Age, gender, activity level, current weight, and the average metabolism are the basics of it. If a dog is injured they may need less calories since they won’t be as active. If they have a sensitive stomach that’s also a factor. However, if you have a dog that runs every day they’ll probably fall into the 1900 calories a day range. Again, each dog will vary and it’s up to you, or a vet, to make an accurate assumption of how much your pet should eat.

Top 5: Most Beneficial Food for Golden Retrievers

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Fromm Gold – With very high ratings from 4 to 5 stars on average, this is a top pick for many golden retriever owners. Multiple sources of protein is found in Fromm Gold dog food (duck, chicken, lamb, eggs, and cheese) which improves nutrient absorption. It has a chicory root which reduces the risk of worms. Fromm is also a good choice for Golden Retriever pups as well as adults. The quality of ingredients used in this will surely get you the best bang for your buck!

Taste of the Wild – Having the option between Lamb Meal and Sweet Potato or Chicken Meal and Sweet Potato your dog probably won’t get bored of the flavor. Both flavors are grain-free and are rich in many nutrients or minerals essential for proper digestive health. You will find that the average kibble size is ⅛ by ⅜ of an inch which should be small enough for worry-free eating.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness – This grain-free, protein packed, wolf-inspired dog food has a huge variety of flavors. You don’t need to worry about meat by-products in this because it contains genuine meat. Blue Wilderness has provided to countless customers and their pets with a lot of positive feedback and rating averaging to just a little shy from 5 stars. Do keep in mind there’s also Life-Source bits included into the dog food to also add to the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your dog needs!

Wellness Chicken and Oatmeal – Wellness contains all natural premium ingredients to commit to their “Wellness Complete Health” title. The right amount of Omega 3 is provided to promote your dog’s skin and coat health. This is one of the most healthiest option for your pet with no artificial preservatives, fillers, or meat by-products. Pro tip: A subscription could save you 5 to 15%

Nutro Ultra – You’ll most likely see quite a few improvements in your dog’s coat, vision, and skin after feeding them Nutra Ultra for a while. However, there are also benefits you won’t be able to see such as (but not limited to): their heart, immune system, and vision. Dogs of any size could eat this and they will be provided with the proper nutrition and protein they need. A combination of 3 sources of protein, fruits, vegetables, and more all work together in Nutra Ultra to provide your dog with what it needs.