As a baby grows, they surely go through phases. Usually for the rest of their life – even to the point where there’s no point in using a baby monitor! In most cases, watching your child go through these phases, only makes being a parent much better. One of these phases is transitioning from crawling to walking. Maybe you’ve decided now’s a good time to get a baby monitor so you can ensure they don’t walk themselves into dangerous situations. Or, maybe, you had the exact opposite thought because you think they can handle themselves. Regardless, as a baby learns to walk, especially if you have carpets on your floor, it’s time to look into the best baby walker for carpets (and after that of course comes chores and using household appliances).

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Baby Walker

The baby walker market is huge and, with all the competition in it, each company needs to do something to make theirs stand out. Why elseBest Baby Walker for Carpets are there more than a thousand different ones to choose from? So, with so many features and different purposes, or types, of baby walkers, there are a few things to keep in mind when picking out the best one for your child, and possibly, the rest to come.

First, determine if you want one that’s seated at all times or, a sit and stand. Some allow your child the privilege to eat, or have a snack ready, right in front of them (a food tray). Also, see if you need one that has an immobile feature and a brake pad. Finally, one last common concern for baby walker purchases, is the price and portability.

A Baby Walker for Carpets – Top 5

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Safety 1st Sounds – Dino or safari themed. Keep your baby entertained as they learn to walk. Depending on your young one’s height, you can adjust this walker to 3 different heights. It’s easy to clean with the washer compatible seat and can go on carpets without harming the carpet or the walker.

VTech Sit-to-Stand – Encourage your baby’s creativity with this walker for carpets and hard floors. This VTech is different than the others, it doesn’t have the food tray but instead a learning center! Probably the most productive baby walker on the list – though a bit less convenient. It comes with 2 AA batteries to start the learning the second it arrives the with frustration-free packaging.

Joovy Spoon Walker – Sometimes all that’s wanted is simplicity and that is what’s offered with this walker. The tray is dishwasher safe and you can always just place the toys on it so it’s easier to personalize. Also feel free to adjust to your younglings height with 3 different size preferences and it’s easy to fold – easy to travel with. Lead free and works well on carpets, what more can be needed?

Chicco Dance Walker – Let’s get a little energetic with this one! This dance walker has an mp3 input to keep your baby dancing and active as they walk around. Play their favorite lullabies and tunes. After they’re worn out, they can sit on their padded seat which can be removed and easily cleaned. Finally, once they can walk without support of the walker, fold it easily and store it.

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout – Safari themed. The toys are electronic and removable so your loved one can play while they stand or on the floor. Add more playthings on the customizable loop, adjust the walk-a-bout to your baby’s height with the 3 height preferences, and it’s easy to store when you’re not playing the built-in melodies.