Who doesn’t love to go on a getaways? A weekend getaway, escaping the busy and stressful weekdays for a while is sure appealing. Not to mention if it’s affordable and you’re allowed to bring your loved one with you. Try putting the words ‘weekend getaways’, ‘cheap’ and ‘couples’ together; there you’ve got ‘cheap weekend getaways for couples,’ a phrase that sounds beautiful. That phrase isn’t just a hopeless dream that can never happen in your life. We’ve performed interviews with common travelers, did research, and summarized the information below so you can have your next weekend getaway as soon as possible – which, if I may add, wouldn’t be a bad idea for a 50th wedding anniversary (though extending the duration for longer than a weekend may be recommended).

Cheap Weekend Getaways for Couples

Having a cheap weekend getaway will surely help you escape from a routine full of tension, and, to add to that, provides a re-connecting chance with your loved one. It’s not too much to ask; both of you deserve it after the hard work of keeping up with life. Moreover, a vacation doesn’t necessarily need to be costly; there are many places to go and things to enjoy with your significant other which can fall right under your budget.

The trick is to be smart in planning and preparing for the getaway, and just fully enjoy the escape with your loved one. What you first need to do is decide where to go. So, theoretically speaking, you and your partner have different ideas about cheap weekend getaways for couples; you want to go to California, where there’s beach almost everywhere, while he/she has their eyes set on Italy, where there’s Renaissance art in every corner of the city. Two of which are exotic, well known for couple getaways, and have delicious food to offer.

Well, since both destinations are good, it’d be good to list some places to stay at for each (see which is more affordable), make a pro’s and con’s chart for both option,  then decide which to go to. The destination not chosen can be held off for a later getaway (or even be a second stop in the same getaway if you’re up to it).

Below, I will briefly explain a few places you can stay at on either one of the two locations. Keep in mind these are just examples of where you can go; California and Italy may be nowhere on your bucket list of places to visit. Furthermore, California and Italy are both rather expensive places to visit but it was possible to keep it within budget. That proves locations near you may be better suited to your needs and should not be overlooked. Indiana, for example, is very affordable for most and might be an hour or so away from you! The distance you’re willing to travel should always be something considered when planning your next weekend getaway.

Weekend Getaways for couples In CaliforniaCheap Weekend Getaways for Couples in California

The Little River Inn is a well known place to stay during a couple’s getaway. Located on California’s Mendocino Coast, you can expect beautiful scenery, mainly the Pacific Ocean. Seeing the vast water relaxes you, making you feel closer to nature. It’s been said that being near the ocean, watching the sea, will inspire you to do more and better in life; or at least it will help you clear your mind and heart (if you’re into the sentimental stuff at least).

If you two like to do some challenges, then you can hike or kayak and try something you’ve never done before. If you’d rather succumb to total relaxation, you can just stay in the jacuzzi or spa. Near the hotel, you can visit Mendocino Art Center, Kelley House Museum, Van Damme State Park, and several more. And of course, this hotel has absolute delicious course’s of food you can indulge yourself with. Starting at $205, the Little River Inn might be the perfect place to choose.

The other place to stay in California is the Pantai Inn, located on La Jolla. The image of walking by the beach comes to mind at once when San Diego is discussed.If interested in exotic architecture, you can enjoy the Balinese art throughout the hotel. The traditional and tropical touch of the Balinese decor will surely do for your viewing pleasure. Similarly to above, you can enjoy the Pacific Ocean scenery from your deck, having a romantic quality time looking at the sunset.

Going outside Pantai Inn, you can visit Balboa Park where many museums are located. You may find art exhibitions and enjoy the plays or concerts being held there. You can just hang out there, experiencing what the locals have to offer. Or, you can go to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, or the zoo in San Diego. There are many places to visit just near the hotel; Pantai Inn is great to stay in if you have a bit flexible budget.

Weekend Getaways for couples in Italy 

Italy can really offer a different experience than California in regards to getaways. Rome, being the capital, is the most visited city. In Italy, you can feel the old, yet beautiful, Renaissance architecture even if you stay in an inexpensive hotel. Hotel Colosseum can be your first choice. Located in the center of ancient Rome, Hotel Colosseum is known for its rooftop terrace where you can enjoy the historic scenery below. A romantic night with your couple, enjoying the wine, the city, and each other’s company will surely bring the two of you closer.

There are many places to visit near this hotel; you can rent the hotel’s bike or scooter, and explore the ancient Rome. You can see the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and many city cathedrals. The eateries around the hotel also vary, ranging from the traditional to the luxurious ones. Starting from $115, you can have a romantic getaway, staying at Hotel Colosseum.

The other hotel to stay in Rome is the Hotel Londra & Cargill. Located near the historic Via Veneto, Colosseum and many other historical monuments, this hotel is perfect for couple who loves art and history. Enjoying the city by feet, taking in the local cuisine, might be just what you and your life partner need to relax. Getting away from the busy modern life and enjoying the humble city of Rome might be perfect for the two of you. Staying at this hotel costs you a bit more but, it is something to keep in consideration.

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