What’s the Purpose of a Dog Collar?

Dog collars have become a popular and useful accessory owners give to their dogs. Collars are used for many purposes. They can act as identification, repellents, a way to handle your pet, and the list could continue. Why you may need to get a dog collar can vary depending on your circumstance.  There are four popular dog collars for the purpose of style; the rhinestone dog collar, spiked dog collars, martingale dog collars, and designer dog collars.

The Most Basic Collars

One of the most basic type is the spiked dog collars. Spiked collars for dogs are used for protection and style. The spikes are made usually with metal so it will prevent other dogs and animals from biting its neck. Another basic and common dog collar is the flea collar. The flea collar works as a flea repellent; by equipping your dog with a flea collar it’ll also prevent future headaches. No more need for flea shampoos, flea baths, etc.Dog Collars basic and designer

The most basic dog collar you’ll see is the buckle collar. These types of collars are usually used for the typical things such as identification or to put medical info on it. Another name for the buckle collar is “flat collars”; you can find these at most pet aisles in stores, any pet store you visit, and online platforms.

Top Two Most Wanted Types of Stylish Collars

Rhinestone Dog Collars

Bedazzle your dog or pup with a rhinestone dog collar. To keep the dog collar cost-effective don’t get real diamonds/gems on the collar. Lab simulated or anything else will do just well and can give that shine you want in a rhinestone dog collar. Rhinestone dog collars are normally priced around $20-40 though prices may vary depending on where you plan on purchasing one.

Martingale Dog Collars

The martingale dog collar can be put in the same category as any other buckle collars. The martingale collar is commonly used among dog trainers. When controlling the collar with a leash it won’t make much noise and also helps keep the dog in it’s place. The martingale collar is also purposed for sight-hounds since other dog collars don’t fit them too well.

Rhinestone and Martingale dog collarsThe Best Designer Dog Collars

Designer dog collars can be for different types of collars. You can have a designer rhinestone dog collar or a designer spiked dog collar. There are even designer rhinestone collars that come with swarovski crystals though those are a little more expensive.

If you’re looking for just a regular branded dog collar there are still many out there. Some brands that make dog collars are Hennessy & Sons, Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and the list goes on as well. Designer dog collars typically cost more than $100 and are usually bought online rather than in person. Before buying them online check to ensure they fit the measurements of your dog’s neck and that a refund/replacement policy is available in-case of any mistakes.