Dog Proof Blinds – Keep the Dogs Away

Blinds that are dog-proofIf you own a dog you know that keeping things dog-proof is necessary. When it comes to blinds, many people have different perspectives on what dog proof blinds are or how to keep dogs away from them. Whether your interpretation of dog proof blinds are blinds that can’t be messed with in general or blinds that have some sort of defense mechanisms, then you’re at the right place. To keep your blinds dog proof, there are either certain types of blinds to get or techniques to use on your current ones (both of which are more inexpensive than having to redo your blinds). 

Dog Proof Blinds – Special Techniques

There are a variety of reasons why your dog may be destroying your blinds. They may not want you to leave your house or something outside may have caught their attention. Keep in mind to take your dog on a walk. If they look out often they may just be missing the outdoors! Regardless of the reason, there’s a solution for it all.

Solution #1: Get/keep blinds vertical. This way when they need to see something outside or wave you goodbye they can just nudge the blinds aside and they’ll fall back into place.

Solution #2: Spray your blinds! If you were to spray your blinds with a nasty-tasting spray, then they’ll dislike chewing or gnawing on them.

Solution #3: Teach your dog to be/stay calm. If your dog stays calm in many situations, there’ll be no need for them to thrash on your blinds.

Dog Proof Blinds – Special Blinds

A great Dog Proof Blind is any Wood or Faux Wood Blinds. If you’re dog is a larger type of dog then get these with caution because they won’t be completely dog proof. With these blinds, you’ll allow easy access to the window for your dog so they won’t attempt to do harm on your blinds.

Another type of blinds that are dog proof are the Roller Shades. The newer roller shades are controlled and smooth. Roller shades will make it easy for your dog to sneak behind it and look out. Also, these are quite easy to clean so it won’t be much of a hassle to have.

In conclusion, to stay in budget it’d be best to use some techniques to have dog proof blinds. If you want the easier but pricier way, I recommend getting new blinds. Be sure to take in consideration the energy and size of your dog before dog-proofing your blinds!

Cat Proof Blinds – Same techniques and Blinds as Dog Proof Ones?Blinds that are Cat Proof

The techniques to keep your blinds cat proof are quite similar to how you would keep dogs away as well. Varying on why your cat(s) like to play/mess with your blinds you should apply different methods. Solution 1 and 2 (from the dog-proof section) are what’s commonly used to also keep cats away from blinds.

One great cat proof blind is the shutter (don’t get if the issue is your cat chewing on your blinds). It allows for a cat’s curiosity – and we know that it’s a lot – and keeps your blinds in good conditions. If you need your blinds to be pet proof, from cats and dogs, then blinds that work are the Wood or Faux Blinds. Other than those blinds, a good alternative to the whole concept of blinds is curtains! Look into getting curtains as an alternative and dont worry about many of the issues that you’d need to deal with otherwise.