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The Ultimate Post on Vacuum Cleaners for all Floors in 2018

Vacuum cleaners have improved a lot since the first one has ever been invented. I believe that may go without saying but what harm has it done for me so I don’t reiterate it? Nonetheless, after all the advances, there has been one prolonging problem. The problem of floor types and cost. So many vacuums are restricted from cleaning on thick carpets or tile floors or even hardwood floors. To find a carpet, cooperative with all floor types, unfortunately, is very hard.

With that being said, I broke it down into a variety of categories below. You’ve stumbled upon the ultimate article on the best vacuum cleaners and it’s now my duty – my responsibility – to ensure you’re not disappointed with the results. Do keep in mind that though a vacuum cleaner will work exceptionally well on hardwood floors or carpet, doesn’t mean it’s limited to cleaning just that surface.

An All-Surface, Price-Disregarding Vacuum

Before getting into vacuums meant for one surface rather than another. I’ll briefly go over one vacuum that does it all. Tiles, hardwood floors, carpet, car interiors, tile, stairs, and so on. The master-vacuum if you will.

Dyson DC25 – It’s rare now. To find a vacuum for all surfaces. Some, as you’ll see below, are best for one surface rather than another. The DC25 works for all. It has a HEPA filter, is asthma friendly, contains a hygienic dust bin, and includes on-board tools. The motorized brush bar works well to remove pet hair, comes with a reach wand to clean stairs, ceilings, and walls, and comes with 5 year part-and-labor warranty.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Under $100 – Top 3

Hoover Vacuum – Weighing only 16.5 pounds, this vacuum cleaner is very easy to maneuver around with the 25 foot cord. With special wind technology, all the dirt and debris will be lifted, and cleaned, up easily. The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner cleans well on hardwood floors or carpet and has a 5 stage adjustment setting to cooperate with where you’re cleaning.  When you order this, don’t be surprised when a crevice tool and extension wand come along. These two tools can be used to clean up those hard-to-reach spots which will lead to a cleaner home.

Simple-Stik Dirt Devil – The most inexpensive option on the list of vacuum cleaners under $100! Can easily be detached to work as a hand-vacuum, weighs less than 4 pounds, and is still effective with it’s 1.25 amp motor. With a 16 foot cord and the wheels, you can conveniently clean around. This Dirt Devil vacuum comes with a crevice tool for those tough spots giving you the upper hand against dirt and debris.

Bissell 9595A – This imported vacuum comes with many features to make your job easy. Aside from the features that come with the vacuum itself, there is also an immense variety of bundles to choose from (which will still be under $100). From a stain remover to a carpet deodorizer to a odor eliminator. Nonetheless, as mentioned, the vacuum alone has a lot of features as it is. The brush and suction have been designed to pick up a lot of dirt with the first round! The 9595A works well on carpets, stairs, furniture, and more. Keep in mind, the tank, and tank filter, are both easy to clean.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet – Top 3

Dyson V6 Motorhead – Yet another cordless vacuum. This V6 carpet cleaner will do wonders – which it should considering the price. Detachable to clean the walls/ceiling, and is capable of not only cleaning a carpet, but, also, furniture, stairs, hard-floors, and more. The battery can last up to 20 minutes of consecutive cleaning which should be more than enough considering how quickly it gets the job done. 

Hoover Linx – This cordless vacuum cleaner works perfectly on carpets. Similar to the hoover vacuum above, it also has special wind technology to remove the debris and dirt from deep under the carpet. The base has a low profile so it can fit under edges or furniture and, conveniently, there is a battery level indicator so you can charge when necessary! Though this is the best vacuum cleaner for carpets – one of the best I should say – it can also clean hard floors with the flick of a button.

Shark Navigator – A 2-in-1 vacuum that works well virtually almost everywhere. Whether it’s carpets, the ceiling, hardwood, or stairs, it’ll do it’s duty. Weighing less than 14 pounds, it’s very lightweight, efficient, and portable. With the press of a button, which is all it takes now a days, you can lift up the canister and clean where a regular vacuum can’t. The HEPA filter, which is perfect for pet hair, traps almost all of the dirt, debris, allergens, and hair it picks up. All of what was mentioned, doesn’t even cover all of what is offered by the Shark Navigator.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors – Top 3

Bissell 1161 – With hardwood floors as the main priority the rubber wheels will leave no marks. It’s very compacted and lightweight so you can easily move it around to clean or store it. Feel free to clean other surfaces, such as stairs, with the 1161 vacuum. Easily dump out what you pick up with the no-mess disposal tank. A great, cost-considerate, option for a hardwood floor.

Hoover Floormate – They’ve thought about many perspectives when innovating the floormate. With the dual tank, dirty water will be separated from the clean so you don’t release the contaminated water back to the floor. Pick from 1 of 3 stages to either: vacuum, wash, or dry. Nifty, right? This vacuum also, gently, cleans wood, vinyl, tile, and more!

Dirt Devil SD20505 – For all the times this Dirt Devil will be vacuuming those hard floors, it’s 10 amp motor will keep up with the demand! The most inexpensive option for a vacuum for hardwood floors and it’s a great option nonetheless. It’s very lightweight, has a low profile base/nozzle to get to those tough spots, and with its cyclonic filter, it’ll clean efficiently like there’s no tomorrow.

Best Vacuum for Stairs – Top 3

Bissell Handheld – Great for upholstery, stairs, vehicles, and more. This handheld vacuum for stairs has a multi-layer filtration system. Though it’s handheld, it’s not cordless – the power cord extends up to 16 feet. It’s special nozzle attracts hair, dirt, and debris from surfaces with the cyclonic cleaning system. As all handheld products should be, this one is lightweight and versatile!

Eureka EasyCleanThe top rated vacuum for stairs. It reaches across at most 23 feet  with its 20 foot power cord, has 5.5 amps to be one of the most effective handheld cleaner, and comes with a crevice tool as well as a riser visor for carpeted stairs. The strong suction power isn’t limited to just stairs. It can clean upholstery, a car interior, and more.

Dirt Devil M08230 Red – Weighing less than 3 pounds, this is a very light option to choose from. Extends for just a bit longer than 16 feet, it has a deep cleaning brush to pick up all that waste in your stairs. The filtration system picks up, and traps, allergens and dust – 99% of it at least. The crevice tool and and stretch hose helps you get those hard to clean places such as where one stair ends as the other begins.

Best Vacuum for Tile Floors – Top 3

Hoover FH40165 – With the ability to fold the handle when you’re not using it so you can save space as it’s stored away is already a pleasant thought. The SafeScrub is a great option for tiles because of the dual tank technology and wash/dry mode. The wash mode cleans with the brushes while it suctions up excess water; the dry mode just sucks up water to improve drying speed.

Bissell 1940 – This imported machines isn’t necessarily a “vacuum” but it works just as well. It kills 99% of germs and bacteria with a flip-down scrubber, which, gets rid of those tough spots and what not. It works twice as well compared to other steam mops and with a digital system you can determine whether you want to steam clean on low, medium, or high.

Oreck ORB550MC – No, not a vacuum, a floor buffer. It does the job though. Wood, vinyl, tile, regardless, it can wax, buff, clean, polish, and do more at 175 RPM. Weighing only 24 pounds, you can extend it up to 50 feet with a 13” cleaning path. It’ll do its duty with a ¾ horsepower, 5.4 amp motor. Though it is meant for commercial purposes, who ever said you can’t use one for personal use?

Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors – Top 3

Inlife All-in-One – This brand hasn’t made any of the “top 3” list in this article due to it’s a new-comer (it is as I currently write this at least). Regardless, there have only been positive notes on it and their promises are assuring. This all-in-one steam cleaner works well with all sealed hard floor surfaces. That includes laminate floors. It deep cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes without any rough chemicals. It comes with a long and short microfiber mop pad (the short pad works well with carpets).

Bissell PowerEdge – Tight spaces and edges are almost inevitable with laminate floors. That is where the PowerEdge comes in. It gets the floor cleaned up without a broom or attachment. With a V shape, the larger mess gets attracted towards the center. It moves around easy to get around those furniture legs. With a 20 foot power cord you can use it for your utmost convenience and empty out what it picks up with the easy to clean dirt cup.

Dirt Devil SD20505 – I mentioned this on the heading of vacuums for hardwood floors, yet here it is again because why shouldn’t it be? The SD20505 has a lightweight design, cyclonic filtration, and a 10 amp motor which is great for laminate floors. With a 20 foot cord it extends quite the distance so you can suction up dirt, debris, and what not without unplugging, then replugging, the power cord often. It’s also eco-friendly with the bagless convenience!

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