Places to Visit

Travelling to the following places are great and can lead to unforgettable memories, but it’s not the location that matters it’s the tourist attractions inside them! Below you will learn what attractions and places to visit when visiting that particular city or state. Who knows? One of the following places may be where you plan your next romantic getaway. If, and only if, it’s a good experience, be sure to thank Alicia’s-Online of course!

Places to Visit in Southern California

In Southern California there are plenty of places to see. From San Diego to Newport Beach. The places to visit in Southern California would be Hollywood, Disneyland,  Sea World, Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Coronado Beach, and well the list goes on. I recommend staying in Southern California for a minimum of 3-4 weeks because of the abundance of activities there are as well as sights to see and things to experience!

From Southern California, there are ports you can go to and embark on a 2 or 3 night all inclusive cruise. Don’t go on one if you get sea sick though! That’s be horrible. However, the cruises include buffets, pools, and activities. All top of the line and leave you breathless. A well known cruise line is Carnival. They typically have a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, 24 hour ice cream service, and more!

If cruises aren’t your thing then don’t feel left out there’s still plenty of things to do! Try Aquatica (originally soak-city until bought by Sea World). A huge and fun water park that no one leaves upset! Huge water slides and rides that’ll get you soaked no question about it!

Lastly, you can always enjoy getting a nice tan in a local beach with the soft sand. Visit the shores or mission beach!

Places to Visit in Hawaii On a Budget

One of the most sought after vacation places in the world is Hawaii. Yearly, according to statistics, there are at least a million of visitors from all over the world which would visit this island paradise in the Pacific Ocean. Well, if you are thinking of a vacation in Hawaii then it is an opportunity for you since you will surely enjoy this place.

Take into account, you can travel to Hawaii on a budget. The fact here is that there are so many hotels in this island paradise where you can stay without spending a lot of your hard earned money for your vacation. It’s all about planning and before you go to your destination, it is best that you research regarding the best and cheap places where you would stay in Hawaii.

Indeed, Hawaii is a place where you can spend your honeymoon with your partner. Well, you can go to Honolulu. You can opt for cheap seaside hotels such as The Modern Honolulu in Waikiki or at Holiday Surf Hotel. Surely, you can spend your honeymoon there and at the same time you will surely relax, enjoy the beach and the great food at low rates.

Of course you can also go to other places in Hawaii. Maui would certainly be a good place to relax and unwind! Different resorts such as The Ryal Lahaina Resort, Maui Sunset and Napili Surf Beach Resort.

Now remember, if you are on a tight budget, you can eat out of the hotel you are staying in. You can dine out if you want to taste the flavors of authentic Hawaiian cuisine. There are cheap food establishments which you may try out in this place. In Honolulu, you can check out the GREAT food at Ono Hawaiian Seafood. Also, you wouldn’t want to miss the fine dining at Alan Wong’s Restaurant.

Bear in mind, traveling to Hawaii can be done without spending much of your money. Before you travel, make sure that you book early. Take time in looking for cheap airlines that offers affordable tickets. If you are not in a hurry, you can buy off-peak sale of tickets. It can save you a lot for sure.

Besides this, you can also book early when it comes to booking for cheap hotels. You may also want to check out hotel discounts, especially if there’s a promo period being offered by these hotels. You can browse online and look for online booking websites. They are able to provide you a more convenient booking schedule.

Consequently, you also have to plan when it comes to the place where you would want to stay in this amazing island paradise in the Pacific. You can opt to stay in Honolulu, or in Maui or in Oahu. Choose the best place and make sure that you can afford your stay there. Planning your budget is important if you do want to visit Hawaii. So start working on your travel list now and look for the best booking site and they will surely provide you the best deals. Bon voyage!

Places to Visit in Mexico

San Diego’s neighbor! South of California, lies Mexico. Filled with rural villages and new things to see. Top of the list is Cancun and Acapulco. Both attract many visitors yearly but especially during the summer!

Cancun is filled with tourist attractions such as: Coba, Chichen Itza, Isla Contoy, Ik Kil, An underwater museum, and in all honesty there’s still plenty more! Two or Three weeks is recommended if you want to visit many of the attractions. It’s great for anyone who enjoys or would like to try snorkeling.

Acapulco is a place for anyone who enjoys archaeology. There are plenty of tours to go on. If you’d rather cliff dive or enjoy a nice view feel free to visit La Quebrada which is included in some tours as well. You can enjoy a nice view, or dive off the cliff into beautiful water, the choice is yours.

Best Places to Vacation in Florida

One of the best places where you can enjoy the summer in the U.S. is at Florida. Well, besides traveling to Hawaii on a budget, you can also visit Florida without spending too much. Yes, there are lots of scenic places and wonderful beaches you can visit in this place. Don’t ever forget Disney World since you can bring with you your family. For sure, your kids will be excited once you give them the good news! Now, to provide you an idea, here are the best places to vacation in Florida for your family.

1. Walt Disney World

Kids will surely be thrilled when you give them the good news in visiting Disney World in Florida. Mickey Mouse would be delighted as well. You and your family will enjoy the rides and all the Disney character mascots. Well, you have to wait for the dazzling fireworks at Cinderella’s Castle and be amazed with the fantastic colors of fireworks in the sky.

2. Sea World

You and your family can also visit Sea World in Orlando, Florida. Be amazed by the fantastic show done by killer whales and other sea creatures. You can enjoy the rides and other attractions offered in the theme park. Well, live entertainment over at the different sea stadiums is also a must see.

3. Ocala National Forest

If you want to try out nature tripping, you can also check out Ocala National Forest. Rude on a boat and watch the fishes over at mangrove trees. You can also do bird watching and be amazed as you take al look at the rare birds that thrives in the forest of Ocala.

4. Molasses Reef

Don’t forget to visit the waters in Florida. You can surely dive and snorkel at Molasses reef. From there, you can check out the colorful reef and the rare and wonderful fishes that swim in the waters of Molasses Reef.

5. Miami Beach

What a fun way to relax and enjoy the sun and the beach in Florida is by visiting Miami Beach. You can have a suntan or you can simply enjoy swimming with your partner or with your kids in this wonderful beach. Well, you can check in over at different beach resorts or hotels in the area.

These are just some of the best places which you can visit and enjoy in Florida. Now if you are planning to visit the place, it is best to book your schedule at an earlier time. Before the summer starts you can browse for a booking schedule for the place where you would stay. Online, you can check out the best websites where you can book for your flight, hotel and the places where you would visit in Florida. Compare for the best and affordable prices to ensure that you have the right budget to pay for it.

So enjoy your trip and make sure you relax and have a wonderful day with your kids. It’s a special moment and Florida is a special place to visit so plan your vacation now.

Places to Visit in Boston

In Massachusetts lies the city of Boston! There isn’t an abundance of things to do in Boston as there is in some other places but the activities are still a handful and you should enjoy it. One thing you can do in Boston is visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Really simple to get to and the neighborhood is a nice place to explore. If you’d like to save some money, on Wednesday’s they have it for free after 4 pm but the line is usually long.

If you’re more into sports, do your best to go to Fenway Park! A historical baseball field with great games! Also you can always join in on a running tour!

Places to Visit in New York

Visiting New York can be a handful. It really can. With a lot of things to do and diners to eat at. Famous greasy pizza to 5 star restaurants. A few things to do is taking a walk through Central Park or a jog/sprint if you’re looking to exercise.  After that you can visit the famous Statue of Liberty. New York is very fast paced so be prepared to take part in the City that never sleeps!

If going on a Romantic Getaway to New York, with family, or solo, I highly recommend visiting Times Square and three of the famous museums such as: Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History and Museum of Modern Art.  If you’re just visiting then try your best to find a convenient hotel to stay in with good service, and try to take part in a tour guide!

Beware of the food chains you eat at though, not all places are good to eat at. Some can even sicken you and ruin your vacation!

Places to Visit in London

The capital of England, London is a handful. Many many attractions and points of interest. A great place for an anniversary I may add. First I recommend picking a nice hotel that’s not far from these attractions or if possible right by them! After that if you’re not afraid of heights, go and ride the London Eye! If you can take a loved one with you then that’ll make your trip even better.

Of course if you’re a person of exquisite food or just enjoy trying new foods, visit some of the well-known restaurants. After that, go and visit some great museums which includes: British Museum, Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Science Museum. You should spend around 4-5 hours in each museum if you’d like to take your time and enjoy the showpieces well.

If you’re a runner you may like to run in a secluded or at least in a place that’s not the streets, go run in/by Hyde’s park and Regent’s park! Now you’ve visited history, ate at fine/new places, rode the London Eye, but what’s left? Well you need to visit Royalty of course!

Buckingham palace, Kensington Palace, and the palace of Westminster will give your eyes a treat! You wont spend too much time there, so don’t make it the only plan of the day but it’ll be a good idea to swing by, possibly go in, and just take your time.

– Do be safe with your travels! –